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Vibram S. p. A. - A world leader in the production of soles for climbing and trekking shoes. The sole is made of a very durable rubber, it has excellent adhesion to the surface. Ensures maximum support and durability. The company itself Vibram S. p. A. It located in a small Italian town Albitstsate, which has a population of only 5,000 people.

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Then we introduce you to the history. The history of the company started 75 years ago with the tragic moment in the life of its founder, the famous mountain guide and member of the Italian Alpine Club, Brahman Vitale (Vitale Bramani).

In 1935, Vitale Brahmana led a group of climbers who had to climb a few peaks in the Italian Alps. First, the weather was favorable to climbers, but during the ascent to the peak of Rasika (Punta Rasica), a narrow ridge height of 3305 m, to develop a strong and prolonged snowstorm.

In those days, the climbers used to move on relatively flat terrain heavy boots with a black shoe nails hard soles (analogue Tricon), but for steeper sections - light and flexible shoes with thin soles felt.

They are allowed to feel good rock relief, but did not provide adequate protection from the cold and moisture. And if the candle to get wet, then at low temperatures iced felt just skimmed over the rocky terrain, so that further ascent and descent became impossible.

It is shoes and become one of the factors that killed six members of the group died of frostbite. Therefore, a little later, it was this issue and asked a Brahman.

His replacement was required to come up with a felt sole that would meet a number of conflicting requirements - was thin and flexible, well protected from the cold and moisture and, of course, perfectly rested on a rocky terrain.

The material chosen Brahman vulcanized rubber, a material known at that time about a hundred years. For almost a year he picked up the rubber in order to achieve the desired hardness and abrasion resistance and designed for the sole figure who would firmly held the shoes on any surface.

In 1937, Vitale Brahman patented his invention - rubber sole Carrarmato, which translated from Italian means "straight ahead" and began production of soles, prompting a tire company Pirelli Tire Company. As the inventor of the brand chose the acronym of his name (Vitale Bramani) - Vibram.

Vibram soled boots quickly gained popularity among tourists and mountain climbers.

The legendary outsole Vibram Carrarmato in the men's trekking shoes

But the real world fame came to the company in 1954, when two Italian climbers, Lino Latsedelli and Achille Compagnoni, climbed to the second highest and one of the most dangerous peaks of the world - Chogori (or K2): one of the major items of equipment of Italian climbers were shoes with solesof Vibram.

Since then, the shoes with bright yellow polygon and the inscription Vibram soles have left their mark on many top of the world, and the very name has become almost synonymous for hiking boots.

Now shoes Vibram is known around the world, although the company's main products - soles for sports shoes and mining issued by order of producers from 120 countries. Today in the year, the company produces 35 million. 150 varieties of soles. A Carrarmato sole use to create more than a thousand shoe manufacturers from Red Wing Shoes and Wolverine to Asolo and Dolomite.

The motto of the company that produces the most famous of the sole in the world, says: "Between you and the earth".

Features sole VIBRAM:

  • elements do not limit the flexibility of tread soles;
  • non-slip rubber Yellow Label Trek Compound durable and perfectly links the foot wet and dry surfaces;
  • specially designed components sole recognized as the best on the market, but not the sole sliding properties and at the same time, excellent wear resistance;
  • lack of hooks in the middle of the sole allows the foot to flex naturally;
  • non-slip properties of the sole are stored in different temperatures - in heat and cold;
  • protectors are located in all directions, providing excellent grip.

We have our line of trekking and trail-running shoes to address the head-to-toe needs of those always striving for the next horizon, so that you can push your limits outdoors. Never stop exploring.

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