Lumberjack brand footwear is the quality acknowledged through decades

    Lumberjack is the highest quality comfortable and convenient footwear which is lovingly-offered to us by Italian manufacturers. From the very start the high quality, durability and reliability have been the main goal of the Lumberjack brand. The history of Lumberjack goes back to the 80s when the footwear used to have a peculiar North American style which survived till today and finds its reflection in a great many modern models. Moreover, its popularity is worldwide.

    Lumberjack means comfortable footwear for all of life’s occasions

    The characteristic feature of Lumberjack is a special approach and technology of leather working which add dirt-resistant and antistatic properties to the footwear.

    Today, Lumberjack brand rightly occupies the leading positions in the market of footwear manufacture and offers consumers high-quality footwear for all occasions: boots for extreme sports, daily footwear, a wide range of moccasins, high boots as well as many other types of footwear. The popular line of yellow nubuck boots which can harmoniously flesh out an image of any family deserves special attention.

    Lumberjack Footwear in online shop

    In online shop you can find various models of footwear under the brand name Lumberjack. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions. Be sure to receive prompt and competent replies.

    Our shop also delivers across Kiev and other cities of Ukraine and Russia. Please yourself and your family to what you like best and Lumberjack footwear will help you do it.

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