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Converse - canvas vulcanized shoes, which should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting modern fashionista. But what to wear Converse brand of the world Las Espadrillas? Who is particularly fashionable to combine different styles, such as classic and sports, so you can wear Converse not only with jeans or shorts, but also with dresses, skirts. But if the girl has chosen Converse is not a lover of the experiments, it can be combined with jeans bright Converse boyfriend. This combination is one of the main trends for several seasons in a row. Women Converse for a walk In no case should not wear on a walk heels and dresses, of course, if the girl is not going to the club. On a walk in the park for example, it is better to put it, what you will be very comfortable to hold in the fresh air as much as possible. An excellent option would be a combination of sneakers and shorts. Conversion and date Conversion can be shod on a date only if that date is not in the restaurant. Well, if it is on the beach or in the cafe, the safe bet is to put on something, what would be the most comfortable, to feel more confident as possible. Conversion work Shod Converse girls and women to work - the perfect solution. In - the first woman to work will reach much faster, and secondly it will look stylish. Wearing Converse office best with short trousers, blouse or shirt. And do not forget about accessories. Where it is possible to put on Converse Conversion, as already mentioned - Universal shoes and dress can be almost anywhere: in the school, for a walk, take a trip to the gym, etc. . d. Consider necessary and coloring shoe. For example, white and black Converse fit underneath everything but pink Converse will go well with black color, while the orange - blue. The combination of sneakers with a skirt If the shoe skirt with high conversion, the skirt should be knee-length or higher, otherwise it will seem visually winner short. And some of the men. If a girl can afford to wear Converse with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, the men little choice. And combined with the classic Converse style for men is not appropriate. So that a man can wear Converse only in everyday life, but in any case not in a restaurant.

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