Roberto Botticelli

Roberto Botticelli

    The Italian tradition of the family business has always had a continuation in the world of fashion. The beginning of a brand Botticelli was started in 1946, when after the war the son of Roberto — Aldo Botticelli opened a small Shoe workshop. The workshop became the ancestor of the family business. Years later, when the reins were taken up by Roberto, the workshop has grown into a large factory and was named in honor of his name.

    Shoes Roberto Botticelli — exquisite handiwork Having a law degree, Roberto was able to run the factory, to attract specialists and gradually formed the style of the brand. Shoes Roberto Botticelli became recognizable and increasingly popular. Without innovation, the designer placed emphasis on manual labor, and different modes.

    Prior to 1985, under the name of the brand produced only men's collection, but in the mid-80s, the world saw the first women's Shoe line. Contributed in the family business and grandson of the founder of the factory — Bow and developed a sports Shoe line that later became the official brand of the Cup in Golf. The exceptional quality and finesse peculiar to each line of the brand, which is now three — casual, evening and sports classics in the context of men's and women's collections. Each model is unique in the combinations of finishes, decorative seams and unique details.

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