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Women's and men's sneakers Le Coq Sportif new season in Ukraine.

Le Coq Sportif is the embodiment of sporting spirit.
Le Coq Sportif is a French company producing high-quality, fashionable sports clothes and shoes, products inspired by the world of sports. Le Coq Sportif is the leader in world market for over 100 years, due to constant quality of materials, style products with French charm. The brand name translates as "the athletic rooster" (French slang for Le coq has another meaning, it translates as "brutal man", and the name of the company, respectively, can be translated as, - "the conqueror of female hearts"), it went from an unofficial symbol of France and it is this bird emblazoned in the triangle on the logo of the company.

The history of the brand began in 1882 by opening a small sewing shop family of Emil Camusot. The son of Camusot, who was involved in several sports and was in truth in love with the sport determined the further specialization of Le Coq Sportif. After Emil Jr. took an administrative position in a sports club "l'etoile Sport", the brand finally determine its direction and began to produce sports equipment. Already in 1920, was released as the first sporting form of a comfortable knit. The company continues to experiment and perfect fit. Clothing from Le Coq Sportif already at that time stood out bright colors, unusual combinations, her chosen athletes who want to look stylish.

With a 30-ies of XX century Camusot provide equipment to professional and Amateur basketball and football teams, athletes, athletics, Rugby. In 1950 the name "Le Coq Sportif" was registered as an official trademark. Since 1951, Le Coq Sportif has partnered with athletes famous Cycling race the Tour de France, many of whom (Louis, Bob Bernard Ino, eddy Merckx and others) with their victories brought fame to the brand. Le Coq Sportif is continuously connected with global sporting events including FIFA world Cup, Olympic games and many others. The company creates original shape for many football clubs, teams. The end of the 20th century was not the best for the company, but now Le Coq Sportif is actively being restored as a true French fashion brand, thanks to the efforts of a professional team.

In 2010 Romilly-sur-Seine, in the hometown of the family of Camusot - was the opening of the research center, Le Coq Sportif, it has become a particularly important event, which symbolized the connection between the past and the future.

A modern brand that focuses not only on the needs of athletes and anyone who leads an active lifestyle, appreciates comfort and wants to look stylish.Le Coq Sportif - a variety of styles, modern technology and consistent quality, a company with a rich history that won the hearts of customers around the world.

Meet the fashion collection of Le Coq Sportif sneakers on the pages of the online store. Bright, stylish, men's and women's sneakers with a modern design and an original combination of colors, just for you on

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