Converse is sneakers, or something more?

Shoes CONVERSE — origin and purpose

Some types and names of shoes came to us many decades ago, rooted so deeply that we don't know or understand why a specific type of shoes called. We will try to explain the origin of some of them. Very common and quite popular since the days of the Soviet Union, the word "sneakers". You will be surprised that in our speech the name comes from the brand's textile sports Shoe with rubber soles KEDS vulcanized. Although in the world at that time (more precisely, 1910-1930 year) there were many other manufacturers of similar products, the term KEDS began to call this kind of Shoe in other countries and on other continents of the world. Over time, the name strengthened and penetrated the everyday spoken language of many countries. In our opinion, the name of the Shoe "Converse" has a similar origin, only associated with the rival American legendary brand Converse All Star, which has produced and still produces similar shoes taller, like basketball.

In 1920 converse came up with the name for basketball sneakers with cotton uppers - All Star. The name was successful and caught on. Was an unsuccessful attempt to limit the scope of their application in sports. The people saw in them something more than just sports shoes, and began to wear them wherever possible. And all thanks to the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor, who won them their title. Since that time, their popularity soared to incredible heights. It is you, our customers, began to wear these sneakers to concerts and exhibitions, began to ride on skateboards and revel in them at parties. You began to use them as a fashion attribute. And even walking to work in them. You made them part of your style. Were you in them and with them whatever he wanted. And you saw the limitless potential of sneakers. Converse shoes — this iconic Shoe, which has won his rank more than one generation.

Converse for men and women — where can you purchase original shoes, not fake?

The brand develops and produces a new model named the Converse All Star, One Star and Jack Purcell persists to this day. From the moment you put them on, they begin to live your life. You decide what to do with them. You determine what they need. They become a sort of element of your personality and expression. They become part of you. To buy women's and men's converse converse online on our website And then you can be sure that it is original. We only sell the goods from the official distributor.What to wear the conveyor with?

One hundred percent you can be sure that Converse sneakers are more than just a style, and you can wear them always and everywhere. That and they fit under any clothes. In winter, you can wear warmed sneakers, and in summer and spring - classics. White converse is considered the most versatile. They can be worn, however, like black, red, blue for anything. Of course, the most basic set will be with jeans, but you should not be limited to this. They are well suited for chinos, trousers, skirts, light dresses. On the website there are always high and low models. Make an order online and complement your wardrobe with these stylish sneakers.

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