How Do I Pick Good Athletic Shoes? Athletic footwear is the generic term for footwear designed for maximum comfort of movement. Typically, these shoes are divided into two categories: specialty and general purpose. The main indicators of any sports footwear are its technical properties. These are the level of flexibility, degree of protection, breathability system, type of sole, density, fixation on the leg. Sports shoes include sneakers, sneakers, boots, gym shoes, ballet flats, etc.

Universal sports shoes:

- intended for any category of the population;
- designed for non-professional sports;
- has a solid foundation;
- slightly bendable;
- readily available;

Special sports shoes:

- designed for professional athletes;
- footwear for athletics - easy to bend, flexible, provides good breathability, soft and comfortable for the foot;
- footwear for sports walking - easily bendable, less plastic, dense;
- soccer shoes - safety system to prevent injuries, good aromatization, spiked sole, reinforced, tight nose;
- tennis shoes - voluminous, dense toe, not too high back, foot support system;
- basketball shoes - support system for lateral movements of the foot, stable firm sole, tight fixation on the leg;
- it is mainly sewn by special order, but it is also present on the public market for sporting goods, but at a cost much higher than universal;
- has a high quality;
- durable (at moderate loads).

Versatile sports shoes, in comparison with professional ones, are of lower quality and have a narrow scope. These are mainly everyday use, sports sections, gym or physical education. Specialized shoes ideally meet the requirements of a particular sport, but due to frequent use in training and competitions, they wear out quickly, at the same time in everyday life such shoes serve more durable, since their quality is many times higher than universal.

Tips for choosing sports shoes:

You can find sports shoes in any specialty store, in the market, or even on the Internet. In the first case, buying sports shoes is the most sensible step, since there is a chance of getting a fake in the markets and in unverified online stores.

For the selection of the optimal sports shoes and its further use, listen to our recommendations:

1. It is important to pay attention to the brand of shoes. The more famous the brand, the better the quality of its products. The main thing here is to beware of fakes, and therefore buy shoes only in company or specialized stores.
2. The higher the price, the higher the quality. The price of sports shoes depends on the brand and the materials from which they are made. Dense, natural materials, usually the most expensive, plus state of the art.
3. Determine the purpose of the purchase. What exactly are sports shoes for? If for sports, then it is better to choose a specialized one, if for simple wearing and easy use, then a universal one will do.
4. Try on shoes in the afternoon and preferably after a long walk. The enlarged foot will allow you to appreciate the convenience and comfort, as well as not lose the size.
5. Use the type of sports shoes strictly for the intended purpose. You should not buy universal shoes for serious sports, otherwise it will quickly become unusable.
6. The gap between the thumb and the toe of the shoe should not exceed or be less than 1-1.5 cm.
7. Pay attention to the quality of the insole. Sliding, easy to pull out, thin insole wears out quickly.
8. Observe the gender. Men should not wear women's shoes and vice versa, otherwise there is a risk of harm to the foot.

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