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Rider sandals, Slippers and flip flops for you and your family
Grendene - probably the biggest Brazilian Shoe company. It owns such brands Rider, Ipanema, Grendha, Grendene Kids, Melissa ilhabela. The history of the company is already very rich. It began in 1971 and it started with producing plastic packaging. Four years later, Grendene approached the production of shoes. They started to put the heels and soles for shoes. At the same time started the production of new raw materials for shoes, nylon. In 1978, together with the Nuar Sandals company began the production of plastic shoes. Was immediately broken the record for sales of 3 million pairs. It could not be overlooked and the company became a successful producer for the world market. In the early 80's fashion in new York and Paris inspired by the company on the issue of plastic footwear, Melissa. Thanks to the incredible talent of the designers working in the company, Melissa has become a hit in various stores around the world.

In 1986, comes one of the most promising, and today the most popular brand of the company - Rider. Brand positions itself as a footwear with a very interesting title style - after sport footwear. Well, they certainly have become the leader in this category. About it tell figures. For example, 1992 was sold whiter than 30 million pairs of shoes Rider. A very important year in the development of the company - 95. That year started a great collaboration with designer Patrick Cox. It was he who developed the design of models for the collection of Melissa 1996. Probably the most famous model Claudia Schiffer was the face of the advertising company in ' 96. She appeared in these fashionable sandals are everywhere: TV, fashion shows and magazines. Already in 2003 the number of pairs of shoes sold in a year would be enough to put the citizens of France and Italy together. To be more precise, it is 117 million pairs of flip-flops and sandals.

Buying brand shoes Rider, you get:

  • unique design
  • the result of applying the latest technologies
  • hardwearing shoes
  • quality and comfort
  • What and when to carry Rider and Ipanema?

Of course flip flops and flip flops Rider is a compulsory purchase when traveling by sea. Beach this is the place where they need You the most. Of course flip flops Rider will be a great assistant in public shower after a hard workout at the gym, with a hike in the Park and not only. These shoes can be used as house Slippers. Everything is clear, but Slippers and flip flops has already reached the street fashion and no one is ashamed to wear them in everyday life. It is very light and comfortable shoes which is well suited for any shorts, jeans or light pants.Ipanema is a brand of shoes for stylish women who are in search of light summer shoes. And since the brand is called an incredibly beautiful beach, then their shoes are incredibly beautiful. Ipanema always work carefully on design, but never at the expense of comfort. Nowadays, Ipanema flip flops and sandals are not just shoes through the toe. The most diverse silhouettes, on a flat sole, with a heel and a wedge heel - all this is on the Kedov.net site

A light dress, jumpsuit, shorts or jeans ... All this goes well with Ipanema flip flops and sandals. Flip flops with prints or bright colors are especially popular, they will make any summer outfit even more stylish and summer. Some girls combine them with colored trouser suits and dresses.

Rider shoes at Kedoff.net
Our store offers a wide selection of flip flops, sandals and slippers from the company Rider. Available are female, male and children's models. If you have any questions, please contact our support team, who will kindly advise you. Delivery of goods from the Kedoff.net store is carried out anywhere in Ukraine and by courier in Kiev. If you want to order Rider online, you will receive only high-quality and original goods in the shortest lines.

Rider makes some of the most popular casual sandals available, and millions worldwide adore them. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully durable, Rider sandals and thongs are made to conform to your foot, cushion every step, and accommodate your natural gate.

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