Saucony - high quality sports shoes

Saucony - a large company in the United States, which for many years engaged in the production of sports shoes. The brand was born in 1898 when he founded the first plant of the company Saucony in Pennsylvania on the banks of Saucony Creek.

In 1910, Abraham Hyde founded the shoe store in Massachusetts called Hyde Athletic Industries, and in 1960 he bought the rights to the company Saucony. At the same time, the company produced Saucony shoes for NASA astronauts.

The most famous model of steel Saucony running shoes Saucony Jazz, thanks to which, the company could be on a par with the likes of Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Converse and Fila. The company also produces high-quality Saucony running shoes for basketball players (the most famous model Saucony Hangtime), who also played a role in the prosperity of the company.

Today, the company produces high-quality Saucony running shoes, which is popular with many athletes around the world. A unique feature is that this shoe is made with an exclusive patented technology that allows to produce the highest quality products.

Sneakers Saucony brand on store shelves

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