Women's undergruond boots: winter, autumn, spring Dr. Martens, Forester, Timberland,

Women's Dr. Martens by Kedoff

Dr. shoes Martens has been on the world market for many decades, and she has more and more fans every year. The first boots were created by Klaus Martens after the end of World War II. The creator remembered those uncomfortable boots with a hard sole in which he had to go in the army, and this prompted him to create these comfortable, and most importantly inexpensive boots! Shoes at that time cost only 2 pounds, which made them very popular among ordinary working class people. But how did regular 2 pound shoes become legendary and unique?

These boots have a very high-quality sole. They easily survive snow, frost, rain, and remain in good condition.

The quality of the skin is the highest. It is hard and hard, but after you put them on 2-3 times, you will realize that you did not wear more comfortable shoes.

They do not get wet, do not rub, do not tear. They are worn for 5 years or more and say that they "do not go down."

Martins are unrealistically universal! They can be worn with classic jeans, or with a dress. It can be worn with a coat, but can be worn with a jacket. There are many variations, but martins will fit all outfits.

At kedoff.net you can buy original martins. We have only original products, prompt and quick service and a large assortment of goods!

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