Women's apres-ski Moon Boot, Hunter, Forester, Tecnica

Women's après ski - why is it better to buy these shoes in the mountains?
This new name for unusual winter shoes brought to our fleet stock the exact same fashion.

From the French language, literally translated, these shoes are shoes after skiing. Since France is famous not only for fashionable clothes and shoes, its ski resorts are flooded with the world elite. Notice - also a French term.
In the Italian Dolomites, Montebelluna district, a whole region produced these shoes. Here, such brands as Moon Boot, Tecnica, Dolovite, Moncler and other brands appeared, for a long time they were produced only in the north of Italy.

Why do we make women's après ski only in Italy?
As you know, the Forester brand is mostly made in Italy. For several seasons, the brand’s winter collection has been produced in the very place where women’s jewelry was originally invented.

And we tried to take this opportunity. And did not regret it. The Moon Boot factory agreed to produce our Forester brand.

Therefore, on each pair under the FORESTER logo is the inscription Made in Italy.
We hope that for many buyers this is important.

We will be happy to help you choose the right size and model.

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