Open trekking shoes seem to be a bad decision. It seems that the main task of this type of footwear is always to protect your feet from injury. But many men know and remember from history that even the troops of the Romans and Vyatkong fought in sandals and sandals. By the way, one of the types of summer shoes, even for women, is still called gladiator sandals. So, sandals, flip-flops, slates and sandals are an excellent solution for long active walks.
Sandals for tourists, military men, hunters and fishermen. Sports sandals.
According to historians, sandals became the progenitors of modern sandals, the main function of which is to protect the feet from sharp stones, sand and dirt. In ancient Rome, about 5,500 years ago, such shoes were made from sheets of palm and papyrus, and a footprint on wet sand was used to determine the size. Over time, the Egyptians improved the Greek footwear, and began to decorate the straps with gold weaves, precious stones and designs. Sandals were worn by both women and men, and in ancient Rome, solea - sandals with papyrus straps were popular. The poor wore such sandals with one strap, and the noble townspeople could afford up to four. Men in everyday life wore only black shoes, and women in white. On holidays, red sandals were worn.

In ancient Israel, open shoes were also very popular, they were made from wool, cane and wood. The shoe masters were of a very high class, which of course affected the quality of the products.

Men's flip flops came to us from the countries of the East, where they were called differently, and looked somewhat different. These are the traditional shoes of China and Japan, which have been used there since ancient times.

Obviously, you can't really fight in such shoes. This is a beach accessory for an informal setting, in the summer heat.

For example, during a long stay at the checkpoint, even the military sometimes rest. Spending a lot of time in ankle boots is simply uncomfortable. In the summer heat, this can even have unpleasant consequences for health - a leg in a boot begins to sweat actively when walking even at + 15C .. Slippers, worn while in field fortifications for some time, allow the foot to rest from stress, breathe. {{1} } You can also buy flip flops as bath shoes. Many former and regular military personnel know that it will not hurt to have light rubber shoes in a public shower to escape the fungus.
The use of open shoes in combat conditions is of course very limited, but service is not only war and long marches, sometimes legs need rest, and such models are the best suited for such a purpose.

Tactical sandals - marketing or functionality?
It is unlikely that these shoes will ever become more in demand than ankle boots or boots , however, it has a certain niche. Despite the relatively open top, they have a lot of positive qualities.
One of the highest quality manufacturers of summer shoes - sandals and sandals, is the Forester brand - Forester
Tactical sandals have a durable leather or suede frame. Slots and openings provide excellent ventilation for the foot.
Toe covered either completely or partially. It protects your toes from impacts and other injuries.
The outsole is strong, with a developed tread, has good grip.
In addition to military use in permanent deployment points, tactical sandals will be an excellent option for summer, civil shoes. On hiking trips, lightweight, camping military shoes are almost always needed. Also, such models are an excellent option for forcing obstacles so as not to wet the main shoes, they will not be superfluous for everyday wear in the city, in the summer. Their stylish look practically does not betray their military origin.

Where to buy Forester sandals, sandals and flip flops in Ukraine and Kiev?
Buy sandals, flip flops, sandals and just slippers You can order online and buy in the network of stores "KEDOFF" from Kiev. However, it is not necessary to go to the capital for this, it is very easy to place an order from the regions online on the website. Our call center will place an order and dispatch the shoes you need on time. We are waiting for you at the addresses - Kiev, Pobedy Avenue 15, (right bank). Tel. +38 (067) 839-77-49 and Kiev, Gagarin Avenue 5/2, (left bank). Tel. +38 (098) 552-52-43

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