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Ukrainian footwear company Forester has been producing quality footwear from natural materials for more than twenty years. For such a period, the range of manufactured models and types of footwear has significantly expanded. For convenience of use and facilitating the selection of customers by the necessary footwear, online store allocated home footwear from the Ukrainian brand, placing this kind of products in a separate section - Forester Home.

As already noted, the domestic brand uses only high-quality natural components in the production of footwear, such as leather, textiles, fur, suede, nubuck. Of course, no artificial materials can not be dispensed with, but they also meet the required standards and safety standards for health and ecology. The sole uses materials such as transparent porous rubber or polyurethane.

Find for yourself a suitable beautiful model of home shoes in our online store will be able to find men and women and teenagers. If you like monochrome, discreet slippers, get wonderful leather models of black, brown, gray, blue, beige, white. There are also several models in combination with a nice suede material.

Lovers of color variety and bright colors suggest paying attention to the model of home slippers of red or pink flowers. Separately worth noting is the delightfully summer model, thematically decorated in a natural style - with flowers, butterflies, bees. This instance of comfortable slippers is able to bring warmth and comfort to your house even in the harsh winter months!

In case you want to provide yourself, your spouse or daughter with additional warmth, do not let the cold floor shake your health, pay attention to the models of slippers made from natural sheepskin. The owner of such a charming kind of home shoes will appreciate your gift. After all, raw materials for their production - natural sheepskin - are shipped directly from the farms of New Zealand. In addition to the remarkable warming and softening properties, such slippers have a delightful appearance.

When going to the resort, do not forget to get the appropriate footwear - open, light, and at the same time made of natural raw materials. Leather sneakers from Forester Home as best as possible meet these criteria. Available models are light-red, dark brown, dark orange, dark blue, dark green. and Forester wish you to feel cozy and protected always and everywhere! Making a choice in favor of Forester Home you will not be mistaken!

FORESTER HOME - Ucranian brand, which is already well known to all in ucranian shoe market. Forester Home - is the best shoes and slippers for the house and the all family.

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