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    What is aqua shoes and what is it for?

    Aqua shoes are special swimming shoes. They call it in a variety of ways - coral slippers, reef slippers, coral and aquatic shoes. If you go on vacation to exotic countries, on the sea, on a lake, a river, and so on, and are completely unsure of the safety of the soil at the bottom, then such shoes are for you.

    Aqua shoes are very practical. It allows you to feel comfortable even when walking on a prickly, rocky bottom, it will protect against injuries, infections and fungus.

    Aquashoes are very popular among people engaged in surfing, rafting, diving, etc. Well, of course, they will protect your legs well from cuts and abrasions on a stone or sand beach and coral coast.

    Still such shoes are suitable for visiting water parks and pools.

    The footwear is resistant to moisture, even with prolonged contact with water, it retains its properties and appearance. These shoes make the rest pleasant and safe, it is great for practicing water sports, visiting the sauna or pool.

    Water hoses perform a variety of functions:

    - keep the foot from burns on hot sand;

    - do not allow legs to slide on wet stones;

    - protect legs from cuts on corals, stones and sharp objects in the sand;

    - used for beach games and various types of water sports;

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