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    Always on the move with Nike

    Phil Knight is a living legend not only in the business world, but also in the world of sports. Founding NIKE in 1964, he was able to transform it into a leader in sportswear in just a few decades. Today, NIKE has a market cap of $ 109 billion.
    Before this book came out, little was known about Phil Knight — he rarely gave interviews and made headlines mainly due to his generous donations. Therefore, Phil Knight's autobiography was a real discovery.

    Introducing the summaries of this sensational autobiography from the Smart Reading service. After reading it, you will learn how one of the most famous companies in the world was born and what business lessons its founding father learned for himself: why you should not quit a permanent job by starting your own business, where to find effective employees and how sometimes you need to be able to give up. Knight his Crazy Idea - Selling Inexpensive Japanese Running Shoes - came from his freshman year at Stanford University. Phil Knight, a professional runner, believed that popularizing running among non-athletes would make the world a better place (in the 1960s, running was nowhere near as popular as it is now and was considered an eccentric hobby).
    After graduating from university, Phil Knight returned to his native Oregon and asked his parents (his father was a respectable publisher) with a request to sponsor a trip abroad to implement the Crazy Idea. At that time, 90% of Americans had never been on board an aircraft, and memories of the brutal war with Japan were still fresh, so Phil's idea seemed insane and dangerous to many.In 1962, Phil Knight embarked on a one-year trip, during which he visited Japan, where he signed the first contract with the Japanese firm Onitsuka for the supply of sports shoes for the Tiger brand. Phil Knight had to wait about a year for his first shipment of shoes.
    At the Mexico Olympics, Adidas and Puma (created by two rival brothers) were so obsessed with competition that they ended up hurting each other by artificially overpricing ad budgets. In his book, Phil Knight repeatedly mentions competitors (Adidas, first of all, at that time the absolute leader in sportswear and footwear), but emphasizes that he never suffered from the obsession to overtake them. You need to be able to look beyond competitors, and not in their backs.

    Our online footwear shop would be imperfect without a worthy choice of unconventional sports shoes by Nike in our catalog. After all, it is not simply sports shoes, but the whole image of eternal motion which became a lifestyle for many people. And we are happy to present you this style in all its glory.

    Footwear which inspires to do sport

    Nike was doomed to become the most popular sports shoes brand, since the first model was designed by the runner Phil Knightley. The founder of the company, he knew best what the athlete’s footwear should be like. The year 1971 when the first pair of Nike sneakers was born became the first step towards prompt success which we now associate with Nike. The "inspired" Nike footwear became an attribute of a whole lifestyle, a free-standing philosophy due to the fact that it continued inspiring people to do sport, to choose an active lifestyle and everlasting advance. But even if you are simply looking for a pair of good sneakers, you can surely count on the following:

    • High-quality materials.
    • Safety at sports activities.
    • Maximum comfort.

    All these qualities are true when it comes to various Nike models: from professional sports shoes to walking female flats.

    Simply do it

    On the one hand, you wonder if a pair of new sneakers can completely change your life. And on the other hand, even a weak motivation is a good motivation. Therefore, a pair of new Nikes can become the catalyst which will spark your desire to move constantly, to move forward. Simply do it — order Nike in online shop right now!

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