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    Merrell - Footwear favorite of tourists and not only 

    Merrell Ice Cap, Merrell Chameleon, Merrell Ice Grip, Merrell Vibram


    In the online store we have the right shoes for people with an active lifestyle, and if you're an avid traveler - first of all pay attention to the shoes Merrell. This footwear for those who are not afraid to embark on a new and interesting, and maybe even dangerous journey, who constantly strive to discover and simply enjoy the process itself movement and journey.

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    Merrell hiking shoes appeared in 1981, it quickly gained popularity first in America and then in other continents. This is not surprising, because the producer Randy Merrell has made every effort to create such shoes that withstand even the long and complex journey, while providing maximum comfort for the feet. This task required of new technologies, and that is what is so famous Merrell. A wide variety of technology combined with modern design have given brand shoes such qualities:


    • High stability when walking
    • The wear resistance and water resistance
    • High level of comfort, even after prolonged wear


    Today, the brand Merrell releaseAET also sports shoes, many models which have become a popular addition dresses in the style of "a casual".


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                Our online store offers to buy shoes Merrell at especially attractive prices. We guarantee the originality of products and prompt delivery. Thus, in order to buy, in fact, the most essential for any travel, which you have been dreaming, you only need to spend a few seconds Ordering!

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