Now it’s hard to find a person who does not know what ugg boots are. This type of shoe has long been loved by both women and men. Looking for light, comfortable and stylish winter shoes? Then ugg boots are what you need. Uggs are a very distant relative of boots, but in comparison with them, uggs are softer, although they are made from the same raw materials.

It is believed that ugg boots were first sewed in Australia, they got their name for sloppy tailoring and a sloppy look. The uggs outside Australia were glorified by surfers, whom she liked so much. The outer side of the shoe is smooth suede, and the inside is made of nice sheep wool, the sole is flat and flexible, made of wear-resistant synthetic material containing rubber. Ugg boots, although not very graceful, but incredibly soft, warm, comfortable shoes.

In 1995, the American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation officially registered ugg boots as a brand of UGG Australia, and began their mass production. Now many other brands make ugg boots. Modern models of this shoe impress with a variety of colors and finishes, rhinestones, bows, embroidery, embossments and fur inserts. Waterproof and combination ugg boots are also available. Shoes do not require special care, if you want to protect ugg boots from moisture, use special protective impregnations.
For the production of natural boots, high-quality sheepskins are used, which go through several stages of preparation before sewing: preparation for tanning, tanning proper, dyeing.

Ugg boots of classic design and tailoring are worn with leggings, skirts, shorts, skinny jeans - almost any clothing goes well with this shoe. Uggs have long been a favorite part of the winter wardrobe - they are comfortable and warm, go well with different outfits, the variety of their heights, colors and decor, allows everyone to choose a pair to their taste. online store will make sure that you do not freeze in the winter. We bring to your attention uggs of different heights, incredible design, classic and absolutely incredible colors. Choose your favorite ugg boots on the pages of our catalog. Be stylish even in the cold with!

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