Antiseptic for hands and skin, a disinfectant for viruses


    What it is and why it needs to be for everyone?

    They are used to kill germs on different surfaces, objects and hands. We all know that everywhere we are surrounded by germs and viruses. And to wash hands is not always possible. Of course there are differences between disinfectants and antiseptics. But the division is very conventional because many antiseptics can be used for disinfection of any items and Vice versa.

    About 200 years ago, Viennese doctor ignác Semmelweis tried to fight for cleanliness in hospitals. It, of course, is ridiculed, as is often the case when people are faced with something new. Before each bypass, he washed his hands in water with bleach. He wanted to overcome the "hospital of death" with the help of bleach. All these innovations were perceived as strange. He was ridiculed, condemned and kicked out of the hospital in which he worked. The last few weeks of his life he spent in an insane asylum. And the cause of his death was that during one of the operations he cut his finger and got infected. A few days before his death, one of the English doctors had their first surgery under antiseptic. After that, Theodore Billroth began to insist not only on the constant hand washing, but the airing of all rooms in the hospital and dressed in a white doctors uniform. As is clear from this small history, health standards fought our hard way even among doctors. And today it is an integral part not only in medicine but also in everyday life. Antiseptics and disinfectants roll protein from this and are dying microbes and cells. Buy steripod nowadays you can buy almost everywhere. They are packaged in small jars and very large.

    Where to buy hand sanitizer dispenser?

    On the website a selection of antiseptics for the hands in three variants: 50 ml. 80ml and 100ml. This high-quality disinfectant for a reasonable price. It is very useful to you in everyday life. Any of them you can carry in your bag or pocket. They can be disinfected hands, mobile phone, computer mouse, keyboard and more. Buy this is the right tool at the

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