Now, buying new shoes, sandals, boots, we do not even think how many stages of evolution experienced shoes, before becoming what it is at the moment. For us it is so familiar and everyday part of the wardrobe that it's hard to imagine that it was not.

The history of women's shoes
The first prototypes of shoes appeared nearly 10 thousand years ago, but nobody even approximately does not know what they looked like. Their presence is evidenced by changes in the shape of the foot of primitive people. After climate change and the cold weather leg protection became a matter of survival – for this purpose used strips of animal skin, like the army foot wraps, insulate them with dry grass. Similar to modern sandals were the ancient Egyptians. In this hot country foot had to be protected from burns – the sun, the sand and stone was very hot, so to the foot with leather straps fastened to the soles of palm leaves and papyrus. Ancient Egyptian sandals were not divided into male and female, they didn't even have the concept of "left" and "right" - all were made the same patterns.

The next evolutionary step in the Shoe business occurred in Ancient Greece. Their famous sandals with high lacing already made foot with regard to its natural shape so the notion of "Shoe pair" of left and right sandal.

The first platform shoes also came from Greece, only wore in the beginning of its male actors, as in the theatrical business girls for a long time did not allow. In the Roman Empire the shoes signified the status of the owner: female wore white, male black, and only the nobility could afford on special occasions wear a scarlet or purple shoes.

The first high heels were invented in Ancient Israel, inventive were the Israelites and in the choice of materials did they use leather, wool, wood. The heel expensive shoes inserted the bottle with the spices.

It is logical that those Shoe pairs, which we call summer, appeared in hot countries, winter warm shoes invented by inhabitants of the Northern territories, where protection from the cold was in the first place.

In the middle ages open toe sandals hardly worn – they were replaced by closed shoes with long curved "nose". Slavic lands for a long time the main type of footwear was lychakov and Postol. Later, there were shoes with wide toe and low heel. They were quite uncomfortable, fell from the foot, so the fabric strips they were tied to the ankle.

In the middle of the last Millennium, women's Shoe fashion is almost non-existent – ladies was indecent to show even wear shoes from under the dress, but men in this case have succeeded. Thanks to them, in the modern wardrobe of the girl has a high mid-thigh boots and boots-stockings – wore them on a hunt, dressed for riding. In the XVIII century shoes for girls actively improved:

Replaced the inconspicuous Shoe came lightweight shoes;
For sewing used brocade, satin, silk, velvet,
Started to make shoes with a heel;
Generously decorated with precious stones, pearls, embroidery.
This luxury could only afford a noble person – a simple European population wore wooden clogs, and in the territory of our country - those Slippers, luxury was considered as boots sapiency.

In the twentieth century, the Shoe business has evolved very rapidly: new models, improved technology, changing fashion trends and preferences – now the number of types of shoes for girls difficult to count.

Shoes for girls by seasons
Now in Shoe fashion actively blurred the boundaries between the styles, purposes, and even seasonality. It is no surprise winter sneakers with fur or cotton summer knee-high boots, the usual thing to wear a light cocktail dress and solid shoes with thick soles or semi-sports pants and wedge sandals. But the left Shoe and "dinosaurs", which are put on strictly for the season: it is unlikely you will see a girl in sandals in winter and ugg boots in summer, and in a formal style rare daredevils combine pantsuit with sneakers.

Summer women shoes
The classic footwear for summer are flip flops, sandals, sandals, flip flops. Fashion new last season and a logical continuation of the pajama trend – soft fur Slippers. It is definitely a convenient thing, but practicality is debatable. Not less popular birkenstock – Slippers resembling orthopedic shoes. They are simply versatile design to match with any summer clothes.

Autumn and spring season
It's hard to imagine without the stylish shoes closed pumps with heels, practical flats, sports shoes, basic ankle boots, winter boots – all of this diversity, as well as other types of women's shoes you can buy online at Kedoff. On rainy fall it is better to look for waterproof shoes. Stylish new come from the Soviet Union, both short and long rubber boots. Modern versions feature a bright design and materials now used are more practical: the hard rubber was replaced by a bright and weightless silicone "foam" made of PVC. Laconic stylish trend for spring and autumn – the Chelsea tall to line the ankle with minimal decor and accents-rubber bands on the sides. For their tailoring uses artificial and natural leather and suede. This model is ideal for large, visually makes it more refined. Also in demi-season the actual spring and autumn boots of varying heights, from short boots to long a La stockings. Youth shoes by type of sneakers on a high sole sneakers is also available on the website of Madoff in large and small sizes cheap.

Winter shoes for women
Winter, as practice shows, can be different, accordingly, the footwear also need different. Classic in the boots of different lengths. They can be suede, leather or from artificial materials. As insulation: the natural sheepskin akamah, dense fleece. Also in fashion back "quilted" quilted boots of waterproof fabric or leatherette with polyester batting insulation. The first fashionable wave of "quilted" in the 90s – it was a cheap budget model, but now a pair of branded and well-known logos cost a few hundred dollars. The top-end variants of recent seasons include "the Rovers" - they remind snowboard boots: straight heel and lace for fixation on the leg. "Uggs" for ten years on the feet of fashionistas and do not intend to leave the leading position in number of sales. Signature models of the brand UGG are not cheap, but many manufacturers offer a cheaper, but less convenient and quality options at a reasonable price and all sizes.

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