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    Collonil means 100 years of excellent shoes.

    The history of Collonil brand began in 1909 when German student Karl Essl became a representative of the Swiss company producing the currier's oil. After a while, Karl had an idea to use oil as a footwear protection. Since then, the Collonil brand was founded. The brand has been protecting the cleanness of your footwear within more than one hundred years.

    The elegant and clean footwear with Collonil NanoPro

    Collonil is a wide range of sprays, creams, brushes, polishing pastes, insoles and other accessories for footwear care. The brand has already gained the confidence of hundreds of thousands people worldwide who use Collonil’s products to maintain their shoes clean and tidy.

    Collonil’s footwear care products perfectly clean the footwear made of leather, suede, velour and other widely-spread materials. Thanks to its special soaking, Collonil protects your footwear from dirt ,moisture and wet stains appearance as well.

    Collonil’s footwear care products is in online shop

    The online shop offers you a wide range of sprays, creams, polishing pastes and other accessories of Collonil brand for footwear care.

    If you hesitate over your choice of a suitable Collonil’s item contact our assistants who will gladly assist in selection of the best footwear care products. Our online shop provides the delivery of items to Kiev and to another cities in Ukraine and Russia as well.

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