Forester sole by Michelin

    Michelin sole on Forester shoes in the Kedoff online store.

    Michelin has been making its way forward for over 100 years.
    Along the way, we've traveled millions of miles to develop revolutionary multi-surface contact for vehicles operating in the most challenging conditions around the world, the brand declares. Now you can ride off-road, off-road and go out with MICHELIN power attached to your shoe. We develop some of the most advanced technical outsole to help you find the best way forward, no matter what you choose. The parallels between tire technology and technical soles are as intimate and striking as the connection between your feet and the terrain beneath them.
    That's why we use our unrivaled expertise in rubber and tread design to equip the world's leading athletic shoe brands with technically advanced soles. However you choose to move, you are counting on your shoes to do their best to get you where you need to be - no exceptions, no excuses. Soles by MICHELIN is the power of your movement at work, sports, play and everything else that life has to offer. Michelin has always pushed the boundaries of the possible. We want people to really experience these innovations first-hand. We want them to feel what we have been taught by over a century of creativity and discovery. We're creating a new generation of technical soles that are superior to anything you've seen and more durable. Lightweight rubber compounds provide benefits in a wide range of specialized environments. Equipped with proven MICHELIN tire technology, MICHELIN soles are adaptable, durable and offer exceptional performance in tough conditions.
    Now you can experience the innovation and attention to detail that has delivered outstanding performance over the years. MICHELIN soles promise superior durability, stability, comfort, and superior traction on all terrain.
    We reimagine specifications for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Four basic design principles based on movement ensure that every shoe is responsive to its environment, elements and forces. MICHELIN Momentum provides 100% traction with comfort and safety, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently on the right trajectory - from dry and crumbly to wet and slippery surfaces. MICHELIN Gravity delivers the stability, safety and comfort needed to reduce fatigue, from sheer cliffs to indoor racquet courts. Featuring advanced gripping and fast acceleration technology, MICHELIN Gravity delivers 360 ° stability and motion control. and maximize control. We've designed technical soles for sheer cliffs, rough races, rugged mountain trails, sweaty boxing rings, fire kitchens, mountain peaks, wild mountains, and even ice airplane wings in the wintertime. In fact, there are no restrictions. Technology, precise design, product performance.
    It's unusual. Determination and precision allows you to be in control when it matters most, so you can focus on your passion and pursue the impossible. With Soles By MICHELIN you are not just in the world, you become a part of it, you live it, you move with it.

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