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    The well-known sports brand was created in small family production of gimnastic shoes in Lviv city on the street Copernica, ..20. From 1918 untill 1933, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler formed a few small production areas on the street Zhovkivska for producing football boots. Shoes buyers had already begun to call "from Adidas," which subsequently played a major role creating a brand name. Later the family moved to Germany, leaving the business in Lviv for friends. In Soviet Union times, on the basis of this production it was created shoe factory Progress in the logo which was abandoned the family sign the brand Dassler. Today Adidas - it a sports clothing, footwear, cosmetics and sports premium accessories. Welcome to Kedoff.net for shopping Adidas shoes, clothing and new collections for adidas. Originals, running, football, training footwear and much more another styles

    Adidas is the choice №1 of the sporty people

    It might be difficult to imagine such a large online shop as Kedoff.net without a wide range of products of a well known company Adidas. Furthermore, as a shop we may deservedly be proud of having a wide range of products, as well as guaranteed originality of the shoes that is mostly beloved by people running an active lifestyle worldwide.

    Practicality is on the first place

    Nowadays most people consider Adidas shoes as a world-known brand. Its possession may stay a lot about the owner. But first of all Adidas is a total practicality. And the thing is that its company’s peculiarity was initiated by its founder Adi Dassler who applied all the efforts to optimize his footwear’s manufacturing and the development of the most comfortable and durable sports shoes. Regardless the introduction of further innovative technologies and the development of model’s variety which suit different tastes and preferences, Adidas shoes remains the most appropriate product today. It meets the requirements of professional athletes. That is why, when it comes to this particular brand, firstly we think about, that is:

    • Quality
    • Practicality
    • Durability

    Is it possible to wish more from sports shoes? Especially when you know that many professionals around the world remain faithful to this brand of shoes throughout its athletic career.

    Beneficial acquisition in Kedoff.net online shop

    If you are seeking for not just sneakers with easily recognizable three stripes but a legendary quality and comfortable shoes Adidas with its yearly proven reliability, the online shop Kedoff.net is gladly to help you. Only a few clicks and original Adidas will be yours!

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