Palladium footwear is comfortable, practical and low-maintenance.

It can survive frost, heat and slush. The feet of the owner will be protected, whatever the weather.

Products under the brand name Palladium can undergo any tests successfully, although they are not meant for extreme sports, but for everyday routine life. The target market of the brand is the active residents of megalopolises who love travelling and being continuously on the move. Their main priorities are convenience, performance and reliability. Footwear by Palladium can boast all these characteristics.

Company’s brand name secrets:

1. The tread-patterned outsole which is made from the vulcanized rubber provides ideal surface grip and is characterized by increased wear resistance.
2. The rubber edging which frames the outsole and blends in with the toecap is a perfect protection against dust, dirt, as well as any breakage or damage.
3. An anatomy shoe last makes the footwear convenient for everyone, regardless of the individual peculiarities of a foot.
4. Advanced technologies such as Vibram - an exclusive design of an outsole, Termo-Dry - thermal insulation and V-Lite - vertically aligned design. The concept of the company is subordinated to the triplicity principle: the starting materials are canvas, leather and suede; the upper of the footwear is high, low and baggy; the three fashion lines are Pampa, Slim and Baggy.

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