Where to buy leather sneakers, women's leather sneakers and men's leather sneakers?
Every girl, like a man, asked herself this question. And we have a simple answer. Go to the section "buy leather sneakers" and choose the most suitable pair for you. On our site you can find textile, leather and even lightweight mesh sneakers. There are high and low models, on a platform and on a low sole. All this and much more can be bought on the KEDOFF.NET website

With what to wear women's and men's leather sneakers?
If you are stuck in front of a mirror and for a long time cannot choose shoes to match a dress, jeans, skirt, shorts, trousers - buy leather sneakers. It's not just that they are considered versatile shoes. They are ideal for everyday use, evening walks, travel and all kinds of events. They remain popular in all weather conditions and will suit any bow. Jeans with a top, a light dress or a skirt with a sweatshirt will look great with leather converse or white sneakers.

For men, it is also easy to choose a look with leather sneakers at any time of the year. Leather sneakers come in a variety of colors, but black and white are considered classics. Jeans, trousers, trousers, shorts - underwear of any kind goes well with sneakers and will look harmonious with men's leather sneakers. Tops can be very diverse - oversized hoodies, golf, sweatshirts, overshots, jumpers, zip-hoodies and even sweatshirts will look great with leather sneakers for men.

How to care for leather sneakers?
When buying such shoes, the first thing that sits in your head is that it is very easily soiled and difficult to clean. In fact, there are different ways to clean them. You just need to brush the sneakers in soapy water, separately wash the laces and let them dry. And the Las Espadrillas sneakers also perfectly tolerate washing in the washing machine. And all thanks to the stitched sole and leather lining under the insole. White shoes from Converse and Adidas have always been very popular.

If you still don't have leather sneakers in your wardrobe, then go to our store or online store and buy yourself a pair from the new collection. We always have a huge assortment of leather sneakers for both men and lovely ladies.

Buy leather sneakers of famous brands.
Famous brands that produce leather sneakers

Our list can be very long, because there are plenty of companies in the footwear market today. Today, absolutely all brands are or were engaged in the production of sneakers. Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Las Espadrillas, Forester, Lee Cooper, Converse, Le Coq Sportif - all these big shoe companies produce and develop new models of leather sneakers. The question arises: why is the type of footwear that has remained popular for more than 80 years even today? The answer is very simple, because sneakers are very versatile and practical shoes that can be worn by people of all ages in any weather for any look. And, it's worth noting, look great.

Lovers of leather sneakers will appreciate their variety on our website. KEDOFF.NET offers to your attention leather sneakers of different styles (with elongated, shortened ears, classic), made of genuine leather, with different decorative elements (perforation, mesh, embroidery, beads, spikes), with soles of different shapes and heights, with different lacing. Each pair of shoes presented on the pages of our site is distinguished by a stylish design, wear resistance and durability, such sneakers will serve you for more than one season.

Do you like classics? We can offer you Converse Chuck Tailor All Star leather sneakers. Prefer more extravagant models? Sneakers from Las Espadrillas have a variety of stylish models in the assortment with a slight glitter and other décor for your stunning look. Forester leather sneakers are also perfect for your wardrobe for casual style.

If leather sneakers for women stand out and try to have some unique style, then sneakers for men have a more casual and casual style. This does not mean that men's leather sneakers will look dull and ugly, on the contrary - the classic version of leather sneakers looks great with almost any clothing. For example, if you pay attention to brands, then CONVERSE UTILITY ALL TERRAIN CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR, which are made of genuine leather, are perfect for you. A vulcanized rubber outsole and a special HydroGuard membrane will protect your feet at any time of the year, except -20, of course. It is not afraid of rains, slush and terrible weather. Their only drawback is the price, which really makes you wonder whether they are needed in your garerob, or is it better to look after yourself something else. A worthy answer and a full-fledged alternative is a model from the Forester brand, namely leather sneakers FORESTER MONOCHROME. The ratio of price and quality cannot but rejoice, because they are still made of genuine leather, and the sole has the Eva technology, which is also successfully used by everyone.

New Balance brand models: 574, 327, 373, 530 and others. The outsole and Eva technology feel great when worn, providing comfort and coziness to your feet. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking a closer look at our range of leather sneakers.

Benefits of leather sneakers over other shoes
There are actually quite a few advantages, but we will name the main and main ones. It is worth remembering that leather sneakers:

will serve you for a long time;
pleasant to wear;
relatively inexpensive;
All these advantages only encourage people to buy sneakers, of which there are more and more, and the range of sneakers in our online store is only growing. Hurry up to buy a pair of brand new leather sneakers in our shoe store.

We carry out delivery in different ways. The most common method, which is chosen by more than 90% of our clients, is delivery via Novaya Poshta. Also, KEDOFF.NET recently signed a contract with Justin, an express delivery service. Ukrposhta and Autolux are also popular, but several times less than Nova Poshta and Justin. Our clients are always satisfied, because we deliver your pair of shoes in a matter of days to anywhere in Ukraine: Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkov, Nikopol, Dnipro, Rovno, Lutsk, Kherson, Kremenchuk, Odessa, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Energograd and other settlements points. This takes a maximum of 2-3 days.

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