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Our online store provides the widest range of original Hiking boot: Forester, low boots grisport, Garsport, Lytos, Sherpa and many others. But now we will more in detail tell you about the Italian brand Grisport.

Brand low boots grisport still has such a long history as some of the company. They started in 1977. But with each season the story expands, the quality of the shoes continues to grow as the company develops. They make the tourist and casual shoes for men and women. All production is concentrated at the factory in Italy. Two brothers founded a small company and in a very short period of time brought it to the European market. Every year produced millions of pair of shoes in a huge factory area of 35,000 m2. Every year the company invests a huge hand in its development, new equipment and technology. They have kept the old tradition of making quality footwear, but it is constantly improving. One such breakthrough was a new method of obtaining a polyurethane compound.It is used to connect the soles and Shoe uppers using the hot gluing.

Low boots grisport engaged in the manufacture and development of trekking shoes, boots and oxfords comfort class, and even for everyday wear and for outdoor activities. A big priority for the company are hikers, tourists, and those who love Hiking. Enormous popularity among customers uses a series of footwear Trekking&Outdoor. Buy it, and lovers of mountain recreation, and for everyday urban wear. A little later started the production line which has gained a huge popularity - "Urban sport". Very comfortable boots, shoes, moccasins, sandals and sneakers. This line special loved people who were looking for a comfortable, high-quality and relatively inexpensive shoes. This is a great choice for everyday use.

Features shoes low boots grisport?

  • The upper boot is made from premium leather or oiled nubuck. Thanks to this footwear retains its appearance more than one season.
  • All textile insertion is the insertion of a unique nylon fabric Cordura water repellent fabric. It is not blown by the wind and gives the Shoe flexibility in the right places
  • For each pair you will see the sole Italian Vibram production, which is world famous for their durability and high quality. It is very wear-resistant, tolerates both high and low temperatures. Gives stability on snow and slippery surfaces.The technologically advanced Spo-Tex membrane, and more recently, Sympa-Tex also displays all the fumes, maintains the temperature inside the shoe well and protects it from moisture. In these boots you will not be bothered by snow, rain, frost, or slush. In some models you will also see an insulated membrane that can withstand temperatures as low as -30.
  • Grisport shoes suit everyone. Convenient pads, there are wide and narrow models. And of course, models for any season: autumn, winter, spring, summer. The collection always has both dark and plain models, and color.

Why is GRISPORT so popular in Ukraine?

Grisport is the only shoe company in Italy to conclude a contract with Vibram for the use and installation of tread soles of the rubber tread of this brand.

For over 20 years, it has been an export-oriented shoe company. It has offices in all European countries and on all continents. Has gained an excellent reputation as a professional trekking shoe. A real competitor to such famous shoe brands as Ecco, Lowa, La fuma, Columbia, Sorel. At the same time, pricing is much more loyal than that of competitors.

Where to buy Grisport?

Grisport is a high-quality, lightweight, comfortable and most importantly reliable shoes at affordable prices. To buy original shoes, go to the website and place an order online by clicking on the "buy in one click" button. Our managers will call you back and arrange everything for you. Online shoe store only sells quality goods with a guarantee and delivery throughout Ukraine.

Low boots grisport - is increasingly the name sounds when you select tourist, tactical, or Gorodskoy trekking shoes. The brand has gained immense popularity in the Ukrainian male audience. Thanks to technology VIBRAM, SPO-TEX, Support System, implementation of cutting-edge design, popular in Eastern Europe. The main advantages of collections GRISPORT listed below:

1. Multicomponent sole (Vibram) Vibram is a unique product, leader in the production of soles for American and European brands.

Columbia, Lowa, Ecco, Timberland, Adidas, Forester, sneakers, low boots grisport, New Balance, Puma - all these famous brands have gained popularity, thanks to a partnership with Vibram.

Spo-Tex is the technology of moisture transport, ventilation and protection of the Shoe from cold and humidity. Been a long time manufacturer of carbomembran Spo-Tex methodically sovershenstvuet of air circulation and protection from rotting materials produced shoes. It is especially pleasing that the use of a Spo-Tex significantly reduces the unpleasant smell of shoes.

The use of sports insoles type Ortolite, increases and enhances the comfort of the foot shoes low boots grisport Vibram.

Changes in temperature, pressure and humidity decrease, this Shoe.

Wysokosciowe rubber Vibram Vibram continues the longevity of the Shoe low boots grisport.

Sneakers low boots grisport Ergo Flex loafers low boots grisport Active shoes low boots grisport Vibram every year have better upgrades.

Design Women's, Men's, Children's shoes low boots grisport engaged in dozens of design studios, hundreds of designers are updating the collection of travel, trekking and sport shoes low boots grisport.

Our store Kedoff.Net regularly updates the collection of the current season.

We also have sale low boots grisport, promotions on low boots grisport, discount low boots grisport.

Two brothers Grigoletto in 1977 in Italy founded the company low boots grisport. Low boots grisport firm is a leader in its segment. Low boots grisport factory located on an area of 35 000 m2 and produces shoes million pairs per year. In the early 90-ies of the 20th century, the brand appeared on Ukrainian market. Initially, the shoes sold in the middle price segment. The advantage of the brand is that all the shoes until today is made in Italy. Technology used the Vibram, the membrane Spo-Tex and specially-treated premium leather and nubuck.

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