Winter boots. For the onset of cold weather - ready with Kedoff!

By the onset of cold weather, our wardrobe should be completed with winter clothes and shoes, but what wardrobe is without winter boots? And since the reasons to put on shoes are different, it is advisable to have several pairs of them.

On the site KEDOFF.NET you will find a huge range of winter boots. There are high and low models, boots with membranes and with fur, laces and locks. This list can be continued for a very long time, it will be easier to just go to the "winter boots" section and see for yourself.

Casual boots, or smart casual boots.

They always look quite presentable and fit both a business suit and jeans. The height is usually medium / high and is often equipped with a zipper on the inside in addition to lacing. This type of fittings allows you to put on and take off your boot faster and more conveniently and does not spoil its appearance. Material: leather, waxed leather, nubuck. Sole: rubber, polyurethane, with a low tread.

They are most often insulated with artificial fur, or a textile lining with foam rubber, but more and more often you can find models with thermo-membranes. Finding out which of these materials is not advisable, because after all, everyone individually selects the material that he likes.

Hiking or trekking boots.

For lovers of an active lifestyle, those who spend every day on the move, and even if you are an office worker, trekking boots are indispensable, in winter there is nothing without them. A trip to the mountains, skiing and a regular walk in winter will be much more comfortable in hiking shoes, which will provide maximum comfort in any weather conditions. Winter boots for tourism provide for active movements in hiking and extreme conditions, therefore, they are sewn taking into account the possibility of maximum fixation of the foot and ankle. Always high, with strong metal lace-up fittings. Upper material: Most often a combination of leather / nubuck and synthetic. Thinsulated 3M insulation, thermo-membranes and membrane fabrics such as Gore-Tex and SympaTex are used. Outsole Materials: The midsole is made of EVA foam for better shock and vibration absorption, vulcanized rubber outsole with a universal tread pattern. The best models use professional Vibram soles that guarantee maximum control of the grip of the outsole on a variety of surfaces.

Timberlands, Work Boots and Lumber boots.

A category of boots that, in their appearance and purpose, more resemble work shoes, but due to their convenience and versatility, they have taken root in the everyday wardrobe. They go very nicely with jeans, plaid shirts, sweaters and Parka jackets. They have strong lacing, often with metal fittings in the form of loops and hooks. The upper of such boots is always made of thick, sturdy leather or nubuck. The sole is cast, polyurethane, vulcanized rubber, Vibram soles are also used.

Winter boots - are they needed?

Undoubtedly, winter boots are a very important element in the life of every person who has a cold winter in the city. Even in not very cold winters, you need winter boots. You will ask why? But our answer will be obvious - it's better for your health and comfort. You must understand that not all fall shoes are suitable for the winter. If the emphasis is placed on waterproofness in autumn shoes, then women's winter shoes should look neat and stylish. Winter shoes for a boy should be well made and, preferably, not very bright. Children's shoes should keep the child's feet warm at temperatures as low as -25 or even -30, and this is the main function of winter boots. Will autumn boots cope with such subzero temperatures? We think not. Therefore, on our website in this category are presented winter boots from the most trusted brands, the assortment and products of which we have been successfully showing and selling to our customers for a long time. They delight our customers for many seasons, giving no reason to buy new winter boots. We recommend that you draw your attention to brands such as




New Balance;



Women's, children's, men's winter boots - in our store you can find any model of winter boots depending on your preferences and budget!

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