Woman slip ons Las Espadrillas, Vans, Converse, Toms, Keds, Lacoste, Sperry

Las Espadrillas, Vans, Converse, Toms, Keds, Lacoste, Sperry

The fair sex who are interested in fashion and watching the latest trends, not long ago already got one pair of shoes of this type as slipony. Importantly, slipony combine several qualities: they are comfortable, original and versatile. This shoe is different and easily, they can walk, run, dance.

Their distinguishing feature is the solid rubber outsole and upper material can be absolutely anything: suede, leather, canvas, textiles, canvas. This shoe sneakers to the form, but no laces in sliponov. This slipony snugly on the foot thanks to elastic inserts.

Minimalist Design sliponov different, but the market can meet a wide variety of colors and prints. In the summer especially important tropical and floral prints, as well as bright patterns as ethnic and geometric. Do not lose relevance and "animal" prints: patterns, reminiscent of the color leopard, zebra, tiger and other wildlife. Speaking of plain colors, fashionable emphasis on the classics: beige, dark blue, black and white slipony versatile and fit perfectly into any color scheme dresses.

Despite the fact that initially positioned as slipony shoes sports, today they are firmly in the casual. They can be combined with almost any clothing: shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts. The most common variant combinations - slipony with jeans as tight "skin" and model "boyfrendz". In this embodiment, both look great slipony classic colors and patterns of bright rich colors.

Slipony harmonious look and complete with leggings and elongated tunic and in a particularly hot days, they can be combined well with jeans or linen shorts, sundresses light.

There are quite feminine footwear options, trimmed with lace, crystals, decor. Such slipony can be worn with elegant dresses and not worry about the disparity of styles of shoes and clothes!

Courageous women can afford to combine seemingly incongruous options: slipony and narrow pencil skirt or tailored clothes. It is important to feel the harmony of color combinations or make slipony the main focus of the image, choose the model of contrast in relation to the clothing color.

Overall, slipony will not be superfluous in any summer wardrobe, regardless of taste and style preferences, such as a universal shoe will certainly find application!

Stylish Slip-ons With Breathable Cotton Canvas Upper Are Comfortable For Day or Night.

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