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Las Espadrillas

    Wearing embroidered shirt - fashionable!

    With each passing day the number of cabinets vyshivanok Ukrainians growing. But many Ukrainian patriots still doubt, because they do not quite understand what to wear with embroidery. On this note - in Ukraine there is a belief that you can not wear someone else's embroidery, it is believed that in such a case, the person assumes someone else's fate. So choose for yourself embroidery, with the symbolism that is right for you and carefully turning their attention to ornament.

    Shoes in the style of national and patriotic shirts

    In the summer season all wardrobe items with embroidery designs look stylish, beautiful and festive. On this, Ukrainian designer Oksana Khmara was designed for you summer collection is very light, bright and beautiful brand shoes in the style of Las Espadrillas Embroideries. In this national shoe your feet will feel the extraordinary comfort and ease when walking and memorable style does not leave indifferent not a single person has to deal with him.

    It is important to remember that in the summer in the Ukraine there are 2 national holiday when you just need to wear national dress and shoes in the style of Embroideries. The first holiday is the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine, which in Ukraine is celebrated annually on June 28 1996. Incidentally, it was this year Kedoff Shop started its existence. And the second holiday - Independence Day, which is traditionally celebrated on August 24 since 1992.

    If you want to at least two national holiday look really beautiful - Embroideries buy their shoes in the style of embroidery. To showcase our online store have these shoes in bright colors and with a variety of ornaments. We hope that you will appreciate all the advantages of a modern brand of shoes in the style of Las Espadrillas Embroidery. And remember - after the order we are ready to deliver the selected pair of shoes at any corner of Ukraine.

    Now more and more ukranian people are starting to take an interest in clothing and footwear in the national Ukrainian style. We present your attention a collection of shoes Las Espadrillas Vyshyvanka in ethnic style, a beautiful combination of red, black, blue and yellow. All shoes 100% made in Ukraine. We use most popular designes from ukranian prints. Some articles is 100% hand made in Ukraine.

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