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Coming home from the street after work, workout, shopping, or guests want to take in the atmosphere of warmth, tranquility and silence. One of the major associations of comfort and sense of security are Slippers.

Tradition, quality and practicality women's Slippers

Home shoes has long been a tradition both in our and in other European countries. It was decided to change the shoes at the entrance of the house or in the hallway, which was associated not only with hygiene needs, but also symbolized a sense of respect for the owner of the house. Quality made womens house Slippers securely fit the foot and not fall. Properly fitted, they will fit and deliver a feeling of comfort his mistress. Sole Slippers is made from high quality materials that provides durability and strength, these Slippers do not stick to the floor. Elegant, soft, plush, leather, fur they do not interfere with walking, do not create unnecessary unpleasant noise and pleasing appearance. Quality Slippers to buy on the website Kedoff.net very simply, this can be done in one click.

Shop Kedoff.net offers the following options of Slippers:

- mules: easy to use;
- closed Slippers with heel cap for stability and better protection of your fingers;
-Slippers open type;
- fur Slippers: for enhanced comfort;
-Slippers zipper;
-Slippers high platform;
- insulated Slippers (ugg boots).

The advantages of range of our online footwear store:

the entire offered range is made from natural ingredients or their qualitative counterparts: leather, suede, fur, sheepskin, textiles, and polyurethane;
- variety of designs, shapes, colors and sizes of Slippers;
- domestic or Turkish manufacturer to produce the shoes incomparable top quality, unlike Chinese goods;
- friendly attitude towards the customer and detailed consultation;
- delivery in a few days;
- a guarantee of high quality.

Slippers. Who such, whence and what they are.

According to Wikipedia, the Slippers are made from wool, skin or soft tissue. The weight of Slippers respectively, should be negligible, because at home your feet should be in maximum comfort and warmth.

How did this shoes?

On this Shoe has been known since ancient times, and to be more precise, they are mentioned in ancient Egypt and Rome, as they were worn by concubines in the far East, are of the opinion that in these shoes they couldn't escape far. Well, Slavic people met
z this kind of shoes for the times of Peter I.
They were decorated with all kinds of jewels and stitched with gold thread.
Later during the USSR Union believed that Slippers simply necessary, because the houses need to replace the shoes, so as not to spread dirt around the apartment.
Home spend a little time, but you must admit, this time you want to spend efficiently and in comfort. Therefore, there is an unwritten rule that Slippers should not fly off the foot and should not squeeze the foot, because the sock daily and casual shoes and so brings a little discomfort to our feet.
For women it is preferable to choose shoes with a heel of 2-3 cm, good home shoes made from quality leather with arch support on the insole and deepening of space for the heel.
By the way, buy Slippers in our online store cadoff.no, which provided the largest selection of Slippers.
And if you have questions or need advice, our managers are always happy to advise you on any question and will gladly choose your best and stylish Slippers.
And don't forget, the house is your fortress, and what is a fortress without magic home cervicek?

Women's Slippers – a great gift for Your beloved woman! Our sellers happy and will help you to choose the desired model. The delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Odessa and other localities. Desired beauty and harmony are achieved, including, and using everyday things around us. Allow yourself to feel the comfort and warmth of their environment. Home comfort is not a luxury but a necessity!

Surround your feet in cozy luxury. These ultra-plush microfiber slippers keep feet warm in cool weather. The foam padded soles add an extra level of walking on clouds comfort. They're so warm, fuzzy and comfortable... you may never take them off. Our leather slippers with soft padded foot bed. Good for walking on carpet and hardwood. keeps you comfortable indoors.


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