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    It is worth noting the classical model, this season they are especially appreciated. Details of transparent elements shoes give a light ambiance, creating an image of bold, bright and memorable. Shoes, made of classic black color and also red and gold are the trends in classic shoes. Summer sandals, from coarse and rough to lighter, pastel colours decorated with a feminine twist can be found in a wide range. A global brand Las Espadrillas presented on the podium of the lightweight women's espadrilles are generally without fasteners. Such models will perfectly complement the romantic feel. The following nonsense Giambattista Valli adorned shoes buckles, chains, covering the ankle. Very flashy and bold, that adds even more charm to women stalk. Hairpin rarely appears in summer collections, but this is not strange, because more and more incline your choices to the comfort, it replaces the user friendly platform. Comfort and bright look, that's leading fashion elements 2021 and 2021. Summer women sneakers Sports theme, which is actively popularitybut in the world are not spared and the fashion shows this time. This season, multi-color solutions and the thick sole. Sneakers continues to perform its primary role – comfortable shoes, but at the same time, they can become not only an assistant in the sports. Sneakers have become an integral part of everyday life for all fashionistas and people who just appreciate the comfort. Designers have paid due attention to the sports platform, combined animal print. Comfortable athletic shoes, decorated with interesting items that will complement any closet and will be the basic thing that will fit almost every outfit in your closet. Platform. Model on a solid platform from Roberto Cavalli forced to sigh and groan women around the world. The stylists of the brand embodied in a sandal the combination of black and milky and elegant shape of the Shoe. Michael Kors presented a Bohemian shoes on the platform, as an epitome of softness and comfort. It should be noted that the design of the decorations on the shoes are becoming more popular. A wide heel. The same case when new is well forgotten old. And this season, the wide heel is a win-win. Comfortable, stylish, fashionable and feminine. Perhaps the most notable model of this season will be a silver shoes with black heel. A special chic of the season is the sole, made of wood. Choosing shoes with wide heel look to the color palette is the best color choice in this season are sudovye and natural colors, brown and beige shades. Sandals from the past. The subject of the gladiators, so fashionable in the early 2000's, he again becomes popular. On the catwalks were presented a feminine model with elements of lacing and zipper to the knee. Still, the color palette remains in the spectrum of black and pastel colors. Should pay attention to and sandals with several straps on the foot – this model is the classic version of this style. Flip flops. It is not surprising that stylists have presented this model in their shows. What could be easier than not comfortable flip flops. In particular, if models spanking very feminine, and in a variety of colors will delight You in hot weather. Casual, dressy, sports for all tastes. Where to buy summer shoes women in Ukraine? These were the main models of the upcoming season, proposed to Your attention, several models summer women's shoes is already provided in the categories of our online store. Hurry to buy summer shoes women with free shipping all over Ukraine and in major cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Lvov today! Because based on our products, you can create your female character is not just unique, but also stylish and comfortable.
    New Balance, Coral Coast, Forester, Saucony, Reebok, Puma, Converse All Star, Ecco, UGG, Timberland, Olang, Khmara

    OC system®: the innovative anti-slip solution with an international patent.
    In many cities and regions of the world, the climate forces the population to live and work in contact with surfaces that the ice makes particularly insidious. In environments subject to these conditions, no one, despite the habit, will ever be able to move at ease. OCsystem® is the patented solution able to solve this problem definitively.
    The application of the anti-slip system increases the grip of the shoemaking it comfortable and stable on any ice-covered surface.
    OCsystem® is anchored to the sole during production, becoming an integral part of it. The system consists of a frame made of a special polyurethane that maintains the characteristics of elasticity and resistance even at extreme temperatures, a structure with stainless steel nails.

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