Buy corals for the summer for relaxation
During a pandemic, when cities are in lockdowns and it is unrealistic to get out somewhere other than a store, everyone dreams of lying on a beach somewhere on the Red or Adriatic Sea. Of course, in every country there are restrictions on the visit of tourists, for example, Europe was closed for a long time from visiting absolutely any tourists, but Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and other resort countries remained open and remain open now. Therefore, you should not wait, but you need to prepare for the summer season now, because if there is no opportunity to fly abroad to forever warm countries, you can go, for example, in June to the Azov or Black Sea. But in order to protect yourself and your rest 100%, you need to buy corals in our online shoe store KEDOFF.NET.

What are corals and what are they for?
Coral or coral slippers are shoes that are worn to protect your feet and heels. They provide you with a pleasant and carefree stay. Aqua shoes, as you know, were originally designed for calm swimming in water and staying in water, but they are multifunctional. While vacationing in exotic countries, there are many dangers in the sea for which you must be prepared. Therefore, aqua shoes are bought in order to protect not only their feet, but also the feet of their loved ones from unexpected unpleasant adventures.

What are the advantages of silicone aquaschus over fabric and others?

Aqua shoes, which are made of fabric, are much inferior to those corals, which are made of vinyl (transparent plastic). Many people write in their reviews that fabric corals are a little more comfortable than plastic ones, but they serve several times less. There were even cases that after the first wear they were torn and it was necessary to look for a way out of the situation, but at a resort in another country it is difficult to do this. We have highlighted the following main advantages of vinyl corals over fabric ones:

Some aqua shoes cover your leg up to the ankle;
Vinyl aqua shoes do not need to be dried - just rinse them with water to remove the sand;
They are more comfortable when taking off and putting on the shoes themselves;
It is convenient to play in them in various active sports, because they will not rub the leg;
They will serve you many times longer than tissue corals;
I hope we have convinced you that vinyl aqua shoes are still better, more reliable and more practical than aqua shoes made of fabric materials. If we figured it out, then we can move on to brands that make corals.
What brands make men's corals, women's aqua shoes, children's aqua shoes?
In fact, there are not very many brands that would make corals in our Ukrainian market. But in this business, two brands have succeeded, which for many years have been successfully selling their products not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and even around the world. These brands are Coral Coast and Arena.

The Arena brand is well known to all those interested in water sports. They make equipment for Olympic champions in swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and other water sports. This Italian company was founded by the son of the legendary Adi Dassler, Horst Dassler, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the products that this brand develops and manufactures. By the way, take a look at these aqua shoes from the ARENA brand, ARENA SHARM II. Minimalist design, excellent Italian quality, and a full dimensional grid cannot but delight those people who decide to relax abroad.

An excellent model from the lesser known, but no less quality brand Coral Coast is the CRISTALLO OPALAINE model. By the way, unlike the arena, the coralcosts have many interesting colors and more options for both men and women. The value for money in these shoes is really impressive, because they are relatively inexpensive in comparison with others, but they will last more than one summer or beach season.

In the end, I would like to tell you about the possible consequences of the absence of aqua shoes on your trip to other exotic countries. Women's aqua shoes cost from 350 hryvnia, which is about $ 15. For 15 dollars, you can save health not only for yourself, but also for your child, friend, parent or soul mate, because if God forbid some poisonous sea urchin is under your foot, you will regret all your life that you did not buy corals. Believe me, there are plenty of nautical stories with a bad ending and we really recommend that you heed our advice. By the way, if you are planning to travel with a large company, you can order wholesale corals at low prices on our partner website OPT24. There the prices will be lower depending on how many pairs of corals you need. By the way, there is still a huge assortment of other shoes that you can see on our website.


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