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Dr. Martens

    Brand history Dr. Martens.

    To say that it's just a cult shoes — to say nothing. You can start with the fact that Martin have historical significance for many individual subcultures. The first associations that arise from looking at the shoes of Dr. Martens is of course football hooligans, skinheads and 80s. Today, the company produces men's and women's boots and shoes. They are known for their high quality and unchanging style. The shoes can complement a modern look in Casual style. Buy shoes Dr. Martens in Ukraine, you can store Shoes.

    The history of the brand began seven days after the end of the Second world war. Klaus Martens has decided to start production of shoes by silhouettes of military models. But then it is very hard army boots were very heavy and uncomfortable. This led him to the development of special soles with air bubbles inside. After a few years the products has gained huge popularity. In 1952, it was opened a factory in Munich, and in 1959 the shoes of DR MARTENS have gained popularity abroad. At the time, bill Griggs, the managing Shoe firm from England called R. Griggs & Co drew attention to the German boots. Later received a license for production of the unique soles. Then began a new history of shoes Dr. Martens. He perfected the model of shoes: made more round, added a protector to the sole and stitched shoes yellow thread rank. The model was produced in a cherry color and was called Dr. Martens 1460. Feature of the Shoe were two inscriptions:"Air Wair" and "With Bouncing Soles". The first model was produced with 8 holes for laces. So it remained in our time. The main customers were the military and police, construction workers, and factory workers. Specifically for postal workers, who constantly travelled around the city, a model was developed with three holes. In the 60s, shoes Dr. Martens became popular among the one of the subcultures - Hard Mods. When there were skinheads, some red Doc Martens have become an integral part of their style and symbolized all their movement. A little later the docs become part of the outfit of the English football club Chelsea, and then got to the football fans. In the 70s the Doc Martens began to be associated with the musical culture. In the following decade, these tough boots have become a real cult. The whole world is just crazy about MARTENS. Had them painted in different colors and sometimes wore removing the laces. Today they do not need paint, the company produces different models in different colors. The collections present and classic models 1460, Chelsea, sneakers, shoes.

    Top models Dr.Martens

    A variety of models in the brand is of course very broad, but there are several of the most popular.

    • Dr. Martens 1460 is the first and probably the most famous model of Doc Martens. As we said earlier it has 8 holes for laces. They come in patent leather and matte, sometimes textile. Color solutions are very different: plain and with prints.
    • Dr. Martens Pascal - they are designed on the basis of 1460. On top of them is missing edging. Slightly different color range, and often they are made of softer leather.
    • Dr. Martens Vegan - classic модель1460, but its name speaks for itself. The model is not made of genuine leather. To be more precise, there is only polyurethane and polyester. That is the vegan model is becoming very popular recently.
    • Dr. Martens 1461 Classic shoes with three holes for laces. The post UK wholesale purchased this model for its employees as they were designed especially for postmen.
    • Dr. Martens 1461 - like most models, they are made on the basis of 1460, but slightly different height. It has ten holes for laces.

    How to distinguish an original from a fake Doc Martens

    The first thing you should pay attention to this box. It is made of cardboard with the logo on each side, but not the bottom. On the sidebar there is a sticker with model number, bar code, part number, model color and size. Inside the box there is a little historical background and an image of footprints. Skin type is also indicated on the label. Most often there written Dr. Martens Smooth shoes made of genuine leather. There are even marked Vegan, Pascal. Dr. Martens Snowplow - as indicated by the winter model. Shoes Packed in a box, each roll up separately branded paper. All the seams on the boots is smooth with the same pitch. On the tongue there is a small drawing with the model name, the country of the manufacturer and size. The toe should be round, metal eyelets, outsole with slightly transparent air cushions inside that are visible in bright light. Legend has it that Doc Martens made only in Britain, but that's not true. Production is based in Asia. The seams on the sole in almost all models yellow. The tabs on the backdrops should be says “With Bouncing Soles” on the one hand and “AirWair” on the other.

    Where to buy original Dr. Martens in Ukraine?

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    How to wear Dr. shoes Martens?

    The most standard and understandable option is MARTINS with tight trousers or jeans. Under the classic colors of shoes fit jeans of any color. Very slightly rolled up pants with MARTINS look very stylish, then your shoes will be fully visible. You can also tuck pants inside. Very cool to wear Dr. Martens with a leather or denim jacket. Some girls easily combine these seemingly coarse shoes with light dresses, jackets and shorts. They look great with trench coats.

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