Slip-ons are shoes that have become classics.

Slip-on - this type of footwear, despite its relatively short history, has already managed to capture a huge army of fans and become a cult in the world of footwear. Slip-ons were created by none other than Paul Van Doren. The man who founded Vans. And it was in 1977. They gained their popularity after the release of the movie "Rapid Change at Ridgemont High School" and they still use it. In the beginning, these shoes were designed for skaters and surfers, but not today. Now they are as popular as sneakers.

Where to buy cheap slip-ons?

On the website you can buy Vans, Converse, Las Espadrillas, Lotto, Skechers, Forester slip-ons. On our site you can buy men's slip-ons and women's slip-ons.

What is Slip-on? And what are their advantages?

Of course, slip-ons can be called any casual shoes in which there are no laces. These can be espadrilles, slippers, moccasins, and so on. Most sneakers without laces are made of light materials in combination with a flat sole, but on the KEDOFF website you can find textile slip-ons, leather slip-ons and even mesh slip-ons.

What to wear with slip-ons?

You can experiment with them - choose the most suitable in style for clothes and hats. Moreover, it is very easy to conduct experiments - just buy slip-ons on the Internet, which are right for you. Slip-ons are versatile - most of them will be combined with almost any clothing in any color scheme. In Kiev, you can buy slip-on sneakers according to ready-made solutions for any style of clothing.

Do not forget that it is advisable to choose the color of slip-ons, which will be combined with the color of trousers or jeans. There is a widespread stereotype that short girls prefer high-heeled shoes. Slip-ons dispel this stereotype - these shoes will suit girls of any height, because they successfully complement the image of even a petite girl. Moreover, in Ukraine to buy inexpensive women's slip-ons is not a myth, but an absolute reality.

Slip-ons can be successfully combined with both skinny jeans and leather leggings. This will perfectly complement the fashionable image of any modern girl, especially since in Kiev you can buy slip-ons for absolutely every taste and color. The online store has black sneakers, white slip-ons, red slippers and blue slipons. Many parents, knowing about the convenience, style and functionality of slip-ons, try to buy children's slip-ons to please themselves and their kids. Both girls and boys look very impressive and stylish in these shoes, delighting not only their parents, but also everyone around them. These shoes can be worn at any event. It can be sports training, a trip to the store, a morning walk. And of course, on the KEDOFF website, you can pick up slip-ons for a solemn event.

How to care for slip-ons?

Las Espadrillas slip-ons are made in such a way that they do not require any special maintenance. Due to the fact that their sole is not glued, but glued to the top, they are not afraid of washing. They can be washed in the washing machine. They are very comfortable and lightweight. It will not be difficult for you to choose outerwear for them. Just the perfect casual shoe.

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