Men's shoes with ice grip sole.

    New Balance, Coral Coast, Forester, Saucony, Reebok, Puma, Converse All Star, Ecco, UGG, Timberland, Olang, Khmara

    OC system®: the innovative anti-slip solution with an international patent.
    In many cities and regions of the world, the climate forces the population to live and work in contact with surfaces that the ice makes particularly insidious. In environments subject to these conditions, no one, despite the habit, will ever be able to move at ease. OCsystem® is the patented solution able to solve this problem definitively.
    The application of the anti-slip system increases the grip of the shoemaking it comfortable and stable on any ice-covered surface.
    OCsystem® is anchored to the sole during production, becoming an integral part of it. The system consists of a frame made of a special polyurethane that maintains the characteristics of elasticity and resistance even at extreme temperatures, a structure with stainless steel nails.

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