Women's ballet flats for comfortable and graceful walking. For the summer season.

If you are tired of hot leather and synthetic shoes in the summer, mesh ballet flats are the best solution for the comfort of women's feet.

In the collection of women's ballet flats Las Espadrillas you can choose models with a perfect fit on the leg. Behind the simple but elegant lines are hidden advanced technologies that provide maximum comfort during the day.

In our online store Kedoff you can buy women's ballet flats in a wide range: the catalog presents the entire model range of Las Espadrillas. There are classic and sports models, with flat soles and wedges. The upper of the shoe is made of smooth, patent and perforated leather, suede and textile materials. You can order ballet flats of strict elegant shape and romantic models, decorated with bows, flowers, rhinestones, buckles, tassels and other interesting details. Hypoallergenic environmentally friendly dyes are used to color shoes.

Leather, textile or unique two-layer insoles of Las Espadrillas footwear provide good air circulation inside ballet flats. Light and flexible soles are made of natural or artificial rubber using advanced technologies from Italy and Spain.

We perform delivery in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. You can pick up your order at the nearest Kedoff store, by courier, through the courier delivery network or at Nova Poshta delivery points. A profitable bonus program has been developed for regular customers. In the section of the store "Sale" there are models from the collections of previous seasons, which are sold at the maximum discount.

Modern women's shoes are so diverse that its types and names can be confusing, and each pair has its own purpose and is combined with certain clothes - it is important to consider all the nuances before buying. But there are also universal varieties - they are suitable for almost everything. These shoes include ballet flats - elegant women's shoes without heels (or with a very low wide) with a rounded toe. Shoemakers choose completely different materials for their production: leather, imitation leather, suede, textiles, silicone, but one thing remains the same - maximum wearing comfort and neat appearance.

Audrey Hepburn and ballet flats
Comfortable shoes "at low speed" were worn for a long time. The first shoes, similar to modern ballet flats, were seen in paintings from the time of Napoleon. Josephine on one of the canvases, coquettishly exposing her leg, shows her shoes: fabric shoes without heels with a wide satin ribbon around the ankle - very similar to ballet pointe shoes. Most likely, hence the name "ballet flats".

For several centuries they were worn by court ladies and nobles, but the peak of popularity of beautiful and practical shoes came in the 50s of the twentieth century. In 1949, they even flaunted on the cover of the world fashion magazine "Vogue". The author and creator of modern ballet flats is the designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He was a fan of the sophisticated movie star of the time - Audrey Hepburn and dedicated the first couple to her. Energetic, active and cheerful Audrey appreciated the comfortable shoes in which you could look elegant and walk for hours without feeling tired.

Heelless shoes were a resounding success thanks to the actress who starred in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", as well as another film diva of the 50's - Bridget Bordeaux. Popular stars should always look great, so ballet flats fit perfectly into their active lifestyle. They went well with lush knee-length skirts and made the image light, elegant, refined. And many fans have taken the example of idols - since the middle of last century, low-cut shoes are not losing popularity, are constantly changing and improving.

Varieties of ballet flats
The design of ballet flats is easier than you think: a flat flexible sole without a heel or with a low (up to 0.5 mm) flat heel, a closed heel, a deep neckline, a round bowl - this is the classic version. However, over the decades of popularity, they have changed. There are models of ballet flats with a sharp nose - they are perfect for a strict business style, perfectly combined with a pencil skirt. Modifications with an open heel, open toe, as well as many other types and designs can now be purchased at any shoe store.

Heeled shoes without heels are preferred by fans of classic suits, strict dresses and long straight skirts. They have a concise design, they are usually made of matte or patent leather, suede, textiles. Patent leather models with a glossy sheen look elegant, festive, they are worn with cocktail dresses, gabardine overalls, culottes.

Ballet flats with a strap, as on the shoes of "Mary Jane" look very elegant, but not suitable for everyone. They have a visa

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