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Black sneakers have long become a must-have for young people of various subcultures - from football ultras to rock and roll party-goers. Well, as we know, black monochrome is a classic design not only for the Vans brand, but also for Converse, Palladium, Las Espadrillas, Forester, KEDS, and therefore the combination of black and classic models of famous American brands builds the main fashion trends of the last 10 15 years. They are truly classics of modern footwear, because if you start to notice or are already looking at other people's shoes, you will see that a lot of people buy, wear and love black Converse sneakers. Although not only Converse sneakers are popular; we will name and tell you about those brands whose sneakers have won many fans around the world. It's not even about the number of exactly how many people wear black sneakers, it's about how many people like black sneakers. So how to choose the right black sneakers, what is better to wear them with and how to care for - we will tell you all this below.

Popular brands that make mens black sneakers and black sneakers for women.
The shoe market is now overflowing with offers - shoe companies produce an incredible amount of shoes for every taste and color. If you want black sneakers with rhinestones - please, you want black platform sneakers - no problem, if you want white sneakers that will have a different design - choose! On our website KEDOFF you can find only high quality, comfortable shoes at the lowest prices. Why are the shoes on our website high quality? Because we order shoes only from official distributors, with whom we have been cooperating for more than 10 years. Why are our shoes comfortable? Because we have passed the test of time and we know very well that our customers love high-quality shoes, and not fakes that will fall apart and come apart after a few socks.

The popularization of sports in America has given rise to many shoe companies and brands that we all know perfectly well today: New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Converse and many others, but others are now less well-known and successful. Precisely because basketball has become popular in America, the Converse black sneakers brand has become the most desirable footwear for all walks of life. But what happened then and which black sneakers are popular now?

The undisputed favorite on the market is not only black sneakers, but the sneaker in general is the Converse brand. As we mentioned above, during the heyday of basketball in America in the middle of the 20th century, Converse was exactly the brand whose sneakers were the most popular on the entire planet. All of the NBA stars wore converts and were happy. No one argues that if you ask any person for the association with the word sneakers, then in his head he will have a picture of CONVERSE CHUCK 70 CLASSIC HIGH TOP. Chuck Taylors are a symbol of many sneakers, and in turn, sneakers were developed according to this successful prototype. This model has no equal for more than 50 years, because the symbol of Converse - an asterisk on the inside of the sneaker, has won just a lot of fans around the world. Practical and versatile sneakers from the Converse brand are really better in this segment, in the segment of black sneakers.

The next brand that we insist to pay attention to is the Ukrainian FORESTER brand. Here, for example, the FORESTER SOFT STEP model, which is made of genuine leather, looks very good on the leg, is mega-comfortable and its price really pleases. There are many positive reviews for this pair, which remain and do not disappear anywhere even after a year. The masses of positive reviews and a good reputation have been pursuing the Ukrainian Forester brand for many years. By the way, a feature of this brand is the fact that many of their shoes are produced in Turkey, Romania and Italy, taking care of the quality of their shoes, but remaining a Ukrainian brand.

Another domestic brand is Las Espadrillas. This brand specializes in more summer footwear, especially slip-ons, flip flops, sandals, sandals and, of course, sneakers. Take the Las Espadrillas Black, which is made from lightweight textiles. They are perfect for everyday use, walking around the city on warm summer or spring days. Stylish lace inserts give the shoe a casual and stylish look. By the way, the Las Espadrillas brand, like the Forester brand, are Ukrainian brands that are loved by millions of Ukrainians. Shoes of these brands are becoming more and more popular every season, producing new models of shoes for every taste and color.

What can men and women wear with black sneakers?
The spectrum of things for men and women, you understand, is not comparable. Wardrobes differ not only in the amount of clothing itself, but also in accessories, additions to the image and other things. But black sneakers are, as we all well know, unisex shoes. We want to list for you the clothes that will be combined with black sneakers for both men and women.

Black sneakers for girls will go well with:

sports shoes;
lightweight dresses;

mid-thigh shorts;

light chiffon dress;
For men, black sneakers will look great with:

black sheepskin coats with ripped jeans;
sweater with classic dark blue jeans;
sherpa with trousers;
classic suit;
leather jacket;
It should also be understood that this is just a small percentage of all those things that sneakers can be combined with. We are only talking about what, in our opinion, goes best with women's sneakers and black men's black sneakers.


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