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History of sneakers

Sneakers are shoes that have a hundred-year history. They are considered the forerunners of today's popular sneakers. An interesting fact is that at first only men wore them, while women wore shoes. Then, in the 30s of the last century, shoes with rubber soles were relatively inexpensive, so they became popular among ordinary workers, youth, and poor families. Soon, girls joined the boys, because they realized that sneakers go well with skirts and dresses. Already in the 60s, they began to change, adding or improving some details. For example, sneakers from the famous brand Vans began to be produced with an elastic and comfortable elastic band instead of laces. This is how slip-ons were created, shoes that today are considered indispensable in the summer. She began to enjoy immense popularity among skaters, because the soles on slip-ons did not slip and held on to the board confidently, which was very important for skaters. Also, the lack of lacing really made it easier to ride - the leg was constantly fixed and the laces did not need to be straightened and tied. The next subculture to popularize sneakers was the punks. They were easily distinguished from others by their looks and, of course, the finishing details - shoes on their feet. These shoes have gone through a long history, but have not lost their popularity and relevance today. You can find sneakers for men, women's sneakers in our online store at the most favorable prices for you.

How to combine sneakers with different looks?

In fact, combining them with different outfits and bows is much easier than you might think. Many people love these sneakers because of their versatility and the ability to freely choose clothes for them. As you know, sneakers are unisex shoes, which means that both boys and girls can look stylish and fashionable. In our shoe store you can easily find exactly those sneakers that will perfectly match your outfits and bows. And if you don’t know how best to choose an outfit for yourself or create a stylish look, we will advise and advise you on stylish bows with sneakers.

For women.

Women have a huge selection of clothes in their wardrobe, so there shouldn't be any particular difficulties with choosing an image. As pants, you can wear joggers, leggings, leggings, high-rise jeans or trousers. Dresses, pleated skirts, overalls, denim overalls, shorts with oversized hoodies or minimalist tees will also look great when paired with sneakers. Do not forget about accessories: clutches, handbags, purses, graceful earrings, feminine jewelry will only complement your look.

For men.

Men have a slightly different situation, but the images that can be created are no less than those of their beloved women. You need to pay attention to white sneakers that can be worn with anything. Casual style has already become a classic of everyday life, which is already irreplaceable for some men. In a casual style, white sneakers can be combined with jeans and a sweatshirt / hoodie, trousers and a plaid shirt, shorts and an oversized T-shirt. Also, white sneakers can be combined with a formal style, giving zest and special charm to a business suit. A coat or cardigan will also look good with white or black sneakers.

Generally speaking, sneakers are the kind of shoes that really go with many backgammon, looks and bows. The versatility of the sneaker is amazing, because there are not many shoes that can be worn with a dress and jeans at the same time. You can find branded sneakers for men, original women's sneakers on our website

Famous brands

All the leaders of the shoe industry have long understood that sneakers are a truly profitable shoe industry. World brands such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, Calvin Klein, New Balance, Reebok, Forester, Las Espadrillas, Sperry, Ecco, Tommy Hilfiger make white sneakers, black sneakers, high sneakers, low sneakers and other varieties.

Where to buy inexpensive sneakers in Ukraine?

For a very long time, there was a trend for sneakers. Not only did it appear many years ago, but also the fashion for them has never subsided. And now they are such adored shoes of various generations.
They look like sneakers with a rubberized sole. The lightweight textile upper and rubber outsole combine simplicity and comfort. In fact, not everything is as simple as it looks at first glance. There are many varieties of these shoes. In Ukraine, sneakers are also very popular. And you can buy them on the website
Model sneakers
There are many sporting subspecies of this shoe. And now it's hard to imagine at least one brand that has never sold sneakers. Converse are considered the most popular models. You can buy converse sneakers on our website. But do not forget about such brands: Las Espadrillas, Vans, Keds, Le Coq Sportif, Lee Cooper, Lacoste and many others. All this and much more you will find in this section - GYM.
Sneakers are no longer just shoes, they are cult shoes. They have no differences in age and style. These shoes will suit any outfit. In our time, shoes that are comfortable to wear are always appreciated. We always want to look stylish, we want to be comfortable and all this should be fast. And sneakers do an excellent job with all these tasks. What a fashionable image you can imagine now without sneakers. And in any wardrobe - it's just a must-have. They look harmonious with any jeans, dresses and shorts. They can be combined with classic outfits: suits, skirts, trousers ... You can also change your own laces for some brighter ones. This will give the image a boldness. You can experiment endlessly with shoes of this kind. If you are already in the mood to buy brand new sneakers, then go to the site and add something new to your look. You just have to choose: white, black, red or colored.

White sneakers are a super popular theme. But do not forget about denim. They look harmonious with jeans and dresses.
You can buy sneakers in our online shoe store in just two clicks. You only need to submit an application for ordering and the goods will be delivered to your home within two days.

What are the benefits of buying sneakers on

Huge assortment of brands, models and colors.
In stock there are sneakers from both the expensive segment and the cheap one. But you should understand that sneakers are not expensive - this does not mean that they are bad. Due to the simplicity of the product, it can be made of high quality and not expensive.


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