Clogs - uplifting came to us from Scandinavia, and above all appeared in 15 tables. Zamozhnі women wore Ії in the main in bad weather. Ale at the end of 17th century, having made such a plan for the trees without a back, they began to drive for French soldiers. But the sabot dwellers didn’t fall from nig; they stinked overly spitting over for another hoop with metal. Peak of popularity priishov in the 60th rock of the past table, in the 70th - 
the tree bottom of the bouv substitutions on the formations of polyurethane pidoshvu. At the end of the day, the village-dwellers rebelled for the villagers, they wore yak women, so people. Since the 1960s, they had started talking about it, the girls in ninety-nine rocks were the Marni collection, the material was in the collection of the Yakova Bula Shkira Pony. But the most popular popularity stinks scored in 2010, if the shows were shown on the podiums of the brand’s brands: Chanel, Celine, Marni and the first ones. On today's day in 2020, roci clogs get involved in stylish and trendy take-ups.

Clogs have a lot of variations, but the most important thing is that they are comfortable shoes in which your legs will not feel tired. Modern clogs are an opportunity to emphasize your style and personality. In our store a huge number of different types of models are provided. And the confidence in every step will provide you with a comfortable and stable sole.

Ordering a pair of clogs will not be difficult, our website will always help with the choice, and the manager-consultant will answer all your questions.

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