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Winter snow boots,warm boots or moonboots, are inflated boots made of multicolored fabrics with half-size soles, which were first made in the 60s - 70s of the last century by an Italian company. This company produced quality footwear and clothing, and since 1960 - 1970 are the years of space discoveries, they decided to combine these two factors. They made dutik shoes - very similar in appearance to the one in which astronauts conquered open space and the moon. 1980 - the peak of popularity of dutik. Everyone wanted to buy them - both adults and children, because they were very atypical and unlike other types of shoes that existed at that time. These nylon boots are still being hunted for, although today there is no longer such a shortage of these shoes. But nevertheless, they have not lost their popularity and relevance even in 2020, but remain very stylish and comfortable.

The advantages of  snowboots over other types of footwear

Quilts are really stylish, comfortable and reliable shoes. But why do people choose quilts every season and not other winter shoes (boots, boots, ugg boots)?

Versatility. Women, men, small children - it doesn't matter how old the one who wears quilts is, because people of all ages can buy quilts inexpensively in an online store. They will cope well with any obstacles and tasks, keep your legs warm and comfortable in a light frost

Heat. Some models of snowboots can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees. For example, women's quilts from the well-known Forester brand can withstand the coldest temperatures in winter because their lining and insole are made of high quality wool. They fully provide comfort and coziness to feet even at the lowest temperatures.

Comfort. The quilts are so light that they are almost not felt on the leg due to their low weight. This provides additional walking comfort and pleasant sensations. Also, dutik have Velcro, which helps to regulate volume and fullness. The dense non-slip outsole will not let you down even in the most slippery weather and will prevent falls.

Practicality. It is the dutik who always look neat, stylish and neat. To maintain such a state of dutik, it is enough just to wipe the place where the dirt has appeared. No additional shoe cleaning products or sprays - just a regular rag or wet wipe and five minutes of physical work. They are also multifunctional, because you can go fishing or walking with your family in them.

What to wear quilts with?

Due to the versatility of men's and women's dutikas, they can be successfully combined with almost any clothing. Large, puffy, winter down-padded coats and jackets for the winter, elongated parkas, fur coats, coats and other winter outerwear will look great in combination with puffy boots. If you don't know what to choose: jeans or leggings along with dutik for a walk, then do not hesitate - you will look stunning and stylish. Remember that quilts can be combined with any outfit and at the same time look like a spine. The casual style is perhaps the most widespread and popular style that helps people make their dreams come true and look really cool. Dutiki are exactly those winter shoes that will help complete a casual outfit and create an image that will not be overlooked.

Brands that make snowboots in Europe

In the modern world, buying original and high-quality shoes is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Our online store is pleased to invite you to familiarize yourself with our huge assortment of male dutik, female dutik and even children's dutik. We only sell original products from global brands. On our site you can find high quality dutik from brands such as:

Forester. Dutik from Forester conquered the footwear market and continue to enjoy success among customers of all ages. Male dutik and female dutik from this brand are winning and attracting more and more buyers not only in Ukraine, but also in other European countries. Poland and Romania are permanent partners of the Forester brand, because they know that this Ukrainian brand is proven and of high quality.

Lytos. This still not very well-known brand from Italy produces footwear for the Italian military, police and doctors. Other European countries are already interested in their shoes, because the quality of their products is impressive and pleasing. Shoes from the Lytos brand are an excellent solution for those people who love high-tech and comfortable shoes. They have a large number of patents for various technologies, but they do not stop and continue to develop new technologies and breakthroughs in the shoe world.

We only have original shoes from well-known world bran

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