Men's duties Forester, Lytos, Helly Hansen, CMP

    Men's Dutiks Forester, Lytos, Helly Hansen, CMP

    In the cold season, when snow, frost, slush, mud and ice dictate their conditions, men find a way out and accept the challenge of the weather. In this they are helped by a particularly insulated and waterproof footwear - dutiks. They are called so because of their appearance, which has a kind of bloated shape. This winter shoe gets its frost-resistant function due to the air gap between its layers.

    The structure of the dutik consists of a waterproof outer layer that allows air to pass through, providing excellent circulation inside the shoe. The interior is often removable, in the form of an insert consisting of foamed textile materials. The insole is soft, also made of textile. The soles of the dutiks are strong, flexible, resistant to deformation and damage, have moisture repellent properties, made of rubber. Moreover, it does not slip on ice. High thick outsole provides increased protection against low temperatures.

    Of course, such shoes are pleasant to use, gives convenience and comfort, reliable protection from the cold (can withstand temperatures below -20 ° C), wind, moisture. It can be worn not only in winter, but also in rainy autumn and during spring thaws. All of the above factors are very significant for the decision to buy men's dutiks.

    It is worth considering the use of thick socks in the cold period, so do not pick shoes right up to the mark. Unlike berets, boots or winter boots, men's dutiks are less whimsical to care for. They do not require constant cleaning with creams or shoe wax. We recommend that you use a protective moisture-, salt- and dirt-repellent spray. After use, remove moisture from the shoe and allow it to dry both outside and inside. Do not forget to air it too.

    Having looked through the assortment in our online store, you can get dutiks inexpensively. These are high-quality copies of both domestic and foreign production of Forester, Hunter firms. These shoes are useful for hunters, fishermen, lovers of hiking and long walks around the city. Dutiks are a trend of recent years, they look aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

    The friendly consultants of the online store are always ready to tell you in detail about the properties of the chosen shoes. The order is made out quickly, delivery is carried out in a few days. Protect yourself from useless colds and seasonal illnesses. Create a reliable barrier with warm and comfortable shoes!

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