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    Brand Dirk Bikkembergs long is in the system with the best sports brands of the world fashion industry, which adore many fashionistas and football fans. Concept stores are very different from the bright individual design and style collection, bright and very pronounced. It's one of the few brands that clearly competes with such premium brands as Emporio Armani, Baldinini, Moschino and other leaders of the fashion business.

    Designer Dirk Bikkembergs was born on 2 Jan 1959 in Germany. Graduated from the Academy of arts in Antwerp in 1982, and after graduation immediately began to work.. In 1962 he received the first prize “Golden spindle” for the creation of fashion collections.. it was because of her he became more popular and even recognized as the best designer. In 1986 the eagerly awaited men's line of shoes, and after a while and men “Dirk Bikkembergs Man”, which was a huge success. After a couple of years the men's collection spring-summer was already released in Paris, which was made in Italy.
    In 1992 Dirk Bikkembergs launches a women's collection and a year in France opens first concept shop “Dirk Bikkembergs”.

    Dirk Bikkembergs presented a menswear collection Bikkembergs in 1996, and four years later, Shoe and women's collections. A couple of years, opened a store “Dirk Bikkembergs” in Milan. 2000 for a designer, too, was not in vain, he was awarded the Moet & Chandon “Esprit du Siecle” and has released a line of denim clothing Jeans and Streetwear.

    The turning point in his work happened in 2001 because of the extraordinary display on the football field San Siro (San Siro). From 2003 to 2005, he was involved in the latest uniforms for the football club Internazionale 1908. And in 2004, became the best foreign designer award “la Kore Oscar della Moda”. 2007 was also a success for the designer, because has released a collection of underwear “Bikkembergs Underwear”. A year later, opened a luxury store in Barcelona.

    The style Dirk Bikkemberg selected “casual” and sports, who turned the head of many. Unique style, simplicity, the original cut and comfort – all these qualities are marks struck by the way the Maestro to glory.

    His father was in the military, so the family had to travel and designer spent his childhood in Belgium. Apparently this influenced the choice of his career, remembering well spent carefree years. But although initially he wanted to study law, decided to reach couturier.His created brand differs from others in that there is a combination of completely different directions such as: femininity, sporty style, elegance, glamor and brutality. Extravagant styles, non-standard tones and unusual materials - they look surprisingly very harmonious and unusual. In his collections there is no reminder of past times, which pleases most modern people. And today he still pleases his many fans with his amazing specimens and demonstrates the best works. Fortunately, the women in his created models do not look masculine, but very feminine and natural. Each time, Dirk Bikkembergs gains a lot of fans for his various models, and their touching prints can inspire everyone. Therefore, the used leather and durable materials, which are very stylish in appearance, give a fairly good result.

    Dirk Bikkembergs - the famous brand from the famous german designer. The distinctive features of the brand are accentuated masculinity, functionality and simplicity. The unique style of Bikkembergs can be recognized by the clear lines of cut, brutal combination of metal and leather, the abundance of black and the harmonious intertwining of the informal direction with the classical.

    Bikkembergsu managed to create not only stylish, but comfortable shoes, it is not a shame to go for a walk and it is great for sports. The talented designer successfully combined fashion trends with quality and comfort, which provided the brand with the success and recognition of world sport stars, among them David Beckham.

    Initially, Dirk Bikkembergs created only men's clothes and shoes, but soon there was also a women's clothing, footwear and accessories line, which corresponds to the same principle: elegant brutality and rudeness of shapes and silhouettes only emphasize femininity.

    Nowadays comfortable sports suits, stylish sweatshirts, comfortable sneakers and Bikkembergs sneakers are preferred by both athletes and just lovers of an active lifestyle. Clothing, footwear and accessories from Bikkembergs are a great choice, which emphasizes good taste and decisive character.

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