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Low keds - women's casual shoes
Let's start with the fact that Keds is not only a sports shoes, for what they are, in principle, was created, but everyday. In our days, but even with the end of the twentieth century, the sneakers is an integral part of informal youth. But these days, even the most graceful girls in the closet are a couple of polyed. So versatile shoes they became.

If you address the history of sneakers, the very name comes from the brand Keds, which was launched in 1916. The most popular shoes are sneakers converse All-Star, which became a cult in the early twentieth century, when they began to be manufactured. Now become popular slipons Vans, which began in the mid 1960-ies. Hit of the new century has become the brand of Las Espadrillas.

In the USSR, the sneakers became popular in 1957, after the sixth world festival of youth and students. And in mid-1960-ies wore sneakers most of the young people. The most popular sneakers in the Soviet Union was sneakers "Two goals". Though they were made in China, but they were of excellent quality. They had thick green sole with the logo "Two goals".

Then in the 1980-ies in the Soviet Union delivered sports shoes Adidas that have already been called sneakers. And the popularity of the ordinary Shoe began to fall. They were worn only for physical education. But during the nineties they almost lost popularity, as the shelves in the stores there are many other interesting shoes, which preferred by the youth of the 90s.

What is better to wear sneakers?
Back in our days. Today, buy inexpensive sneakers like slipons, they regained its former popularity. They have everything and anything. Sneakers and skirt, shorts, even air dress shoes will look very funny. With the help of these sneakers in different types, shapes and colors so you can create different images. Classic low sneakers look good with skinny jeans. Also this way you can add the accessory and blouse with an interesting print.

Very good idea to pick the dress that many colors, white sneakers. Long dress in bone and slipons for the music festival Open Air. Today have become popular sneakers with thick soles. And this outfit, like a soft puffy skirt and a cute top. sin is not to be supplemented by sneakers with thick soles with floral print. They are great to emphasize slender legs.

So, sneakers – a very necessary item in the wardrobe. And there are such reasons as: they are insanely comfortable, versatile, suitable for any outfit.

To everyday use we offer you a collection of women's sneakers of brand Ukrainian Las Espadrillas.Country of origin - Spain, Ukraine, Turkey

In our catalog you can find sneakers in different colors: black, white, red, blue, crimson, purple and even with shine.Choose the pair of shoes - that you like best!

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