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Sheepskin boots

Sheepskin boots combines comfort and contemporary style. Their footwear is made from quality materials that provide a natural beauty that's wearable year round.

Key Features «Uggs»

The main advantage is undoubtedly the convenience. Flat sole, lightness and softness Ugg Boots Forester provides a comfortable fit this shoe holder. Used in the manufacture of uggov sole of a special synthetic material having high levels of resistance to bursting and abrasion. Ugg boots do not rub legs - very flexible wool insole acts as orthopedic insoles.

Natural - ugg boots are made from sheep's wool on the inside and a layer of skin on the outside, no synthetic additives or content inserts. These Ugg Boots Forester made following a special technology tanning leather - double face (double-sided processing).

Different women ugg boots and its versatility: they can be worn both in summer and, of course, in the winter. The wool inside the boots specially treated, allowing the effect to form thermoregulation. Thus, in the cold to -34 ° C warmed legs, and at temperatures reaching 24 ° C, on the contrary, cooled. To give the thermoregulatory effects as occur, wear ugg boots on bare feet.

Ugg boots do not require special care. After enough socks rub rubber sole boots with a damp sponge or cloth, and then wipe dry. To safely wear ugg boots in the slush or wet weather, the surface should be treated with special impregnation boots to protect from moisture.

Variety in design. Each year, manufacturers on the market to produce new models: Forester uggs with fur trim, embossed or logos with embroidery, bows, lace and decorated with rhinestones. Ugg boots are today can absolutely any color from beige to classical glamorous pink, silver or gold. To date already made and waterproof ugg boots with thick soles, there ugg boots with a knitted or knit leg and with a metallic coating of the skin. Produced high ugg boots: their length to the knee and above. But still remain in favor of classic ugg boots height: classic short (just above the ankles start) and classic tall (up to mid-calf).

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