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    Converse – the most recognizable sneakers in the world, a symbol of American culture in the last decade has become incredibly popular in Ukraine. In the United States in these shoes has grown for generations. It has not changed since the first release and it is still relevant to this day. From the category of sports and footwear subcultures (rockers, hippies), it has evolved into everyday.

    The most interesting thing about Converse shoes – the symbol of the era
    Men's Converse behind my back more than 100 years of history and many exciting events.

    First shoes of the brand converse is a family and not familiar shoes with the star. It was very popular – he produced more than 4 thousand pairs a day.
    In 1917 the world saw the basketball shoes All Star, but it is visually different from the modern: dark brown boots with beige rubber sole.
    The most significant in the history of sneakers a person – basketball player Chuck Taylor, except, of course, author and founder of the brand Marcus mills converse. Sports star of the last century received the first pair as a gift and was loyal to her whole life. Famous model even has the name Chuck Taylor in 1923, it bears the autograph of the basketball player.
    In times of war, a model for pilots of the US army - A6 Flying.
    Since the 50s the majority of players in the National Basketball League wore Chuck Taylor All Star.
    Around the same time, the shoes became more colorful whether at the request of the basketball players (that the shoes were in the colors of their shape), or at the request of many fans who dreamed about the pairs in brighter shades. So there olstery not only black, but also yellow, white, pink, blue.
    For 50 years produced a Yearbook, it talked about athletes and teams that preferred the Converse.
    In the 70s, the brand has not lost its popularity largely due to basketball player Julius Erving, who became the face of the company. His signature pair is called the Pro Leather.
    In the 80s, converse lost its former sporting glory, but was still popular with musicians and subcultures. At this time, the price for a pair was about $ 20.
    The beginning of the XIX century was the saddest time of existence of the brand he went bankrupt.
    New life beloved shoes gave Nike bought the brand and brought converse to stardom, where they are now.
    The 21st century has brought the beloved design of footwear new colors: appear every year limited edition design prints, the image of cartoon characters, superheroes, famous personalities.

    Men's Converse sneakers in movies
    One of the most effective types of advertising – show the product in the film. Perhaps this is the reason for the runaway popularity of Converse shoes is far beyond the United States, it has a lot of favorite characters of famous films adorned in the iconic sneakers.

    Rocky Balboa, is an aspiring boxer, played by Sylvester Stallone, went out in them for a run.
    Will Smith from the first minute sci-Fi film "I, robot" shows all your stylish black-and-white chucks.
    Paul Walker, or rather his character Brian from "the fast and the Furious" he loved to drive a spirited machines in the fashionable sneakers.
    His colleague on the film Tayres Gibson was also spotted in the shoes of Converse in one of the parts of "fast and Furious".
    American classic relished the character Hugh Laurie's Dr. house.
    "Police with the ruble," Grisha Izmailov preferred bright red chucks.
    The list goes on and on, with many celebrities walking around in comfy sneakers and beyond the set: the paparazzi caught them Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson, Chris Evans and many others.

    What to wear with Converse sneakers men
    Stars combine the cool sneakers with different outfits and not always successfully, so focus only on their taste is not worth it – listen to your inner stylist and catch several variants of successful combinations:

    Summer successfully complement low All Star in any color. They look great with sports, classic and denim shorts, light summer pants, top – t-shirt, shirt, t-shirt, Polo. In the summer it is better to give preference to models of textiles, for example, Courtlandt or Oxford.
    Spring and autumn outfits complement high Chuck Taylor or Ctas. The sneakers are equally well combined with a sporty sweatshirt and the classic coat. The autumn is the best material fashionable shoes – leather.
    Winter hat options stylish Shoe is also relevant: in the not-too-cold, dry weather, you can wear warm textile fur, and colder winter suede and leather models with heaters.
    Trendy American shoes looks great in any style, but it is important not to forget and about the appropriateness in a given situation: in a business suit with sneakers, for example, you will look stylish, but it depends on what event.

    How not to fall for a fake
    Converse all star (male or female) wants to buy every second and the demand is known, creates supply. A lot of frauds are not averse to capitalize on the popularity of the brand and offer copies of the popular Shoe, often passing them off as the original-cheap.

    The cost of a branded converse (sneakers for men) in the area of 80-85 dollars for the basic model, but price is no guarantee of authenticity, but there are some signs of the original:

    Article.Each model has its own alphanumeric designation indicated on the tongue - check it with the data in the official online store.
    Packaging. All shoes of the brand are produced in company boxes, information on the model and manufacturer is indicated on it.
    A QR code is a mandatory attribute on the label and packaging. If after scanning it you find yourself on the official website of Converse - you have the script in your hands.
    Online purchases are best done at trusted sellers - Kedoff store consultants will provide you with all the information you need.
    The size of the sneaker is determined by the length of the foot: on the original it is indicated in centimeters, on the replica - in millimeters.
    The fake weight will be small, and the real converse is quite weighty, while sitting perfectly on the foot.
    So that your purchase is successful, and the shoes please you for a long time - order it on the Kedoff website with fast delivery in Kiev and to any other settlement.

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