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    A little history with Tretorn

    Initially, the company defined itself as a galoshes manufacturer at the market. In 1892 it manufactured 39 000 pairs of galoshes, and just two years later, the overall amount increased to 206 000 pairs. Soon the Tretorn Company initiated the production not only galoshes but the other items such as bicycle pedals or hoses, etc. p>

    Tretorn today

    Currently the company’s headquarter is located in the USA and it manufactures a wide range of sports wear: shirts, pants and jackets and other items.

    Tretorn is in online shop

    Our online shop offers you a rubber boots line from Tretorn brand. Being internationally recognized the brand is still poorly known in Ukraine. Wearing these rubber boots in poor weather conditions you will never face a redundant moisture. Due to its high quality rubber and inner insulation you will not freeze your feet. If you have some questions contact our assistants who will gladly assist you.

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