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    The company Rieker founded in 1874 in the Black Forest in southern Germany. First shoes are made according to individual orders, which could afford only wealthy clients. Soon revenue growth led to an increase in the number of customers and production volumes due to the price reduction. At present, the company is still a family business. Rieker - is the ideal shoe for everyday use. Production technology and materials used allow to create shoes with a minimum weight, maximum flexibility and improved cushioning.

    The card of the firm Rieker Antistress Rieker was the concept, which guarantees: amazing ease, amazing flexibility of the sole and the feeling of incredible comfort when walking. Tight fitting backdrop shape prevents slipping feet, thus creating, agility and comfort.

    The uniqueness of shoes Riker

    A distinctive feature of Ricoeur shoe is its miracle-sole, which is made of modern materials - rubber, thermoplastics and polyurethane. The original technology allows to achieve the effect of weightlessness - sole reduces pressure on the foot when walking, perfectly absorbs all the blows of foot and hides bumps. For it is characteristic of extremely light weight and flexibility. The use of high-quality natural materials (leather, suede, velor) allows the foot to breathe and helps to create a comfortable atmosphere inside.

    When sewing takes into account the anatomical properties of the human foot. Comfortable shoes allows you to feel the lightness in the legs and reduces the load on the spine and joints. Your gait is free and easy. Extension models in the toe portion, and the creation of additional interior space will allow you to forget about the tired and swollen feet or blisters. This footwear will be a godsend for people with non-standard foot fullness, and it is extremely convenient while driving.

    A rigorous, consistent design style and preference for classical discern with the naked eye in all the product lines of the brand, and the use of conservative black, gray and brown is reminiscent of German practicality. About the reliability of this shoe is not necessary to tell for a long time. Evidence of this will last half a century of hard work and millions of grateful buyers. Ensure that you by ordering a pair of stylish shoes and refined boots Rieker Rieker their liking on the pages of an online store Rieker.

    Anti-stress shoes twists and turns of life

    The company manufactures several lines of shoes, the development of which focus on orthopedics, comfort and stress relief. The latest innovation called «Antistress» has brought the brand worldwide fame as a shoe that helps reduce the load on your feet. The manufacturer strives to make customers feel comfortable every second and this contributes to light weight shoe, high-grade natural materials, the absolute flexibility and shock-absorbing technology. These products are suitable for all occasions and for all ages, come especially like the fans of casual style. Convenient Rieker shoes do not hold down your movements, do not get wet, do not be afraid of ice and slush, so perfectly suited for the European changeable climate.

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