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    PIKOLINOS - this shoe, which has its own unique style and unsurpassed comfort. The combination of manual sewing with your own natural skin tanning, both soft and durable, you can create a product featuring exceptional comfort, exclusive design and unique colors. These features are present mark in each collection. The main idea of ​​brand shoes PIKOLINOS - a combination of its own characteristic style of shoes with the most modern technologies used in its production, as a result ensures our customers receive the highest quality unique shoes. A characteristic feature of the shoe is PIKOLINOS use in the manufacture of many manual circular weld patterns, which makes the shoes extremely flexible and robust and allows it to easily adapt to the individual characteristics of each foot.

    To ensure maximum comfort of use are numerous technological improvements: designs, giving the shoe lightness and flexibility, anatomic insoles, insoles patented «SECOLINOS», absorbing moisture, the pneumatic cushioning system. Top quality and individuality shoe "PIKOLINOS" is greatly facilitated by the use of only the skin's own unique candle. All leather is produced in its own factory "PIES CUADRADOS", where it is processed using "PIKOLINOS" exclusive technologies. One such process is the treatment of casein (a protein found in milk), which, penetrating into the pores of the skin, giving it a unique shine and natural appearance. Skin "PIKOLINOS" contain no rubber inclusions or coatings. As a result, the skin pores are left open, allowing the foot to "breathe".

    Make "PIKOLINOS" appeared in 1985 in the town of Elche on the east coast of Spain. The company's founder, a gifted entrepreneur Juan Pera, who has worked a long time on the best Italian and Spanish shoe factories, used his vast experience, professionalism and organizational skills to bring in their shoes the best traditions of Spanish shoemakers, which since ancient times was famous for this region.

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    Being a man of great talent, but not very tall, he named his brand "PIKOLINOS" (piccolo - Italian kid.). The combination of the Spanish traditions with European culture has allowed the production of "baby" grow. Now "PIKOLINOS" is one of the largest producers of Spanish footwear, presenting warm Spanish sunshine around the world.

    In 1998, the "PIKOLINOS" one of the first to receive the ISO 9001 certificate in the global shoe industry, which is a certificate of quality management system and calling card companies, which is regarded worldwide as a guarantee of the highest quality control of all the processes that take place in the enterprise. One of the cornerstones of the ideology of "PIKOLINOS" is a strict adherence to environmental standards in the production of shoes.

    The use of natural materials and dyes in leather processing, but the use of water-based adhesives in the assembly of the shoe, the strict control of all materials used in the absence of harmful substances allowed "PIKOLINOS" to set its own standards of environmental cleanliness products in excess of the standards set by the EU. In 2004 the factory received a certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

    Since 2005, the number of lines "PIKOLINOS" regularly qualify for the EU Eco-labeling:

    Natural leather, tanned using vegetable substances which do not contain chromium, and cobalt.
    - Sole recyclable without any harm to the environment
    . - Adhesive water-based
    . -. Natural colors
    - Metal parts, not containing nickel
    . - Insole made of natural rubber
    . - Anatomical shape

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