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    There are people for whom categorically unacceptable monotony, dullness and everyday life. Such a category of society tends to stand out against the background of others with screaming and defiant forms and images in its outward appearance. This applies not only to clothing, accessories, hats, but also footwear. It is these that the Spanish Desigual brand aims to make its models.

    The history of the trademark began in 1984, when the young designer Thomas Meyer founded the production of the first samples of new clothes for the younger generation. The word "desigual" from Spanish can be translated as "not like everyone else", which is the motto of the company. At the heart of the work (or rather, creativity) of designers and developers is the following principles of emotionality, cheerfulness, liveliness, efficiency. It is these characteristics that distinguish special things from Desigual, for the creation of which they use bright prints, drawings, embroidery, collages. On some models you can even see watercolor painting.

    Lovers of originality and creativity online store offers interesting and unusual shoes. In summer for girls it is important to look not only bright and attractive. It is important that shoes are strong, reliable, made of ecological materials, and meet high quality standards. These are the criteria for summer sandals. Available models on both low and high heels, as well as on a wedge. Separately, it is worth mentioning summer shoes without a heel or a wedge. Summer sandals on a low platform will suit aspiring to comfort, stability and convenience of wearing shoes.

    For the demi-season periods, snickers are perfect. Made of such shoes made of textile materials, so it is quite easy. In such shoes you are guaranteed to look spectacular and unusual. For followers of closed shoes on a flat sole is an excellent option for hot months - espadrilles. They are very light, made of vapor-permeable textile material. A considerable thickness of the sole protects the foot from stones, twigs and other inconveniences, will give good amortization conditions, will give the foot stability.

    Bring in your life colors, fun, joy, summer cheerfulness, choosing unusually stylish shoes. If you do not like banality, monotony, if the wearable shoes are boring and you want to bring freshness to your wardrobe, do not hesitate - choose your favorite shoes in!

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