Womens mesh ballet flats - black, white, navy, blue, yellow, beige


Womens ballet flats made for a long time, like casual shoes.With the advent of the popularity and fashion of sports shoes, manufacturers began experimenting with ballet flats. It turned out it received a phenomenal, resounding popularity among young fashionable women with nice figures. Gradually, thanks to the flexibility of sports shoes, they massively started buying and women of the older generation who have begun the deformation of the feet with age. The first ballet shoes with breathable mesh our store CADOFF made in 2011 on a lightweight sole mfgcode polyurethane for the summer season. With time and experiments, we found a great sports breathable mesh, designed for the production of shoes. Ballerinas Las Espadrillas made in sporty style, became popular not only in cities but also in all settlements of Ukraine. With the first warming, this shoes already shoes in April, and is removed with the first October frosts.. Recognizable design of this wonderful footwear each year and is updated only changed at the new trendy colors.

The strengths of summer ballet shoes Las Espadrillas.

Very lightweight mesh and sole, so when walking ballet flats appear to be weightless;

Padded footbed when hitting the earth's surface greatly reduces the impact of the heel and feet are less tired at the daily long walk;

Ballet shoes made of different combinations - mesh and leather, suede and soft mesh fabric so produced a huge collection and great variety of models;

Soft sole, due to the properties of the polyurethane non-slip, thereby increasing security while walking;

Since the components are quite affordable in range and for the price, simplicity of production at a low wholesale and retail price.

CADOFF - our online store that constantly updates and balances the flow of shoes in the warehouse. So You can buy the size You need without reservation. Staff telephone support center is always glad to answer all questions and will help to place your order by phone +380673802770. We wish you good shopping in our store.

Women's mesh ballet flats - new summer  season 

Spring summer season opens for women many questions on the change of wardrobe. One is to change the shoes. And of course where and what to buy women's ballet flats? Ballet shoes need a stylish, comfortable and fashionable. Of course, our store KEDOFF.NET for many years specializiruetsya in the production and sale of summer shoes sporty mesh and comfortable supportive insoles. Many experiments, time and energy we devoted\. to find the right model and material for the production and sale of wholesale and retail elegant bright and pastel, and most importantly, comfortable shoes.

Popular colors and mesh women's ballet flats new season.
The most valuable thing in ballet flats that chooses a female model and block. In the summer, really comfortable ballet flats-mesh, because in hot weather the fullness of women's feet varies and there is a high probability of rubbing the feet.. We have long offered people shoes shallow and deep, leather and suede, and textile with perforations. As a result of the color ballet flats breathable mesh, as always - the most popular.

Many women due to the cheap prices buy multiple pairs of a pair of veins in different colors. Because in the summer under a dress you can wear white, cream, beige, black and even dark blue ballet flats. All depends on my mood, the weather, and tasks. Of course, a white sole for sporty ballet flats is the most popular in the summer. Sometimes we produce grey and beige sole ballet shoes from breathable mesh.

Lace fabrics are also very popular among girls and women, especially white color. These ballet flats with lace looks very elegant and expensive.

Such well-known in Ukraine brands as Las Espadrillas, Skechers, Lacoste, Tods, Adidas, Puma and others, came up with a lot of silhouettes. But the most important detail in these models, a convenient heel sole rolling small and not sharp toe.

Popular colors sports shoes mesh white, dark blue, beige, black and mint.

What features should to consider when choosing ballet shoes breathable mesh?
Ballet shoes should be well sewn ,in order to avoid distortions of the parts.
Tidal the sole should be efficiently flowed to the top of the workpiece. The fin is considered to be a factory marriage and it is not recommended to buy.
You need to choose the right color of ballet shoes to Your wardrobe - vivid colors mesh more suitable for sport clothes, pastel colors under classic or casual.
Very cool ballet flats also look under the long summer sundresses in flower.
If your goal is: to give a simple image of charm and flair, pick a pair of contrasting bright colors or original prints, unusual decor.
Underneath the shorts and the blouse fit dark blue ballet flats.In combination with the dark color, the top looks very restrained and stylish, especially in the evening for business or friendly meetings.
Las Espadrillas ballet shoes are more convenient because they have a fairly open foot, fingers are hidden, but the leg breathes well.
Before buying, it is better to go to the store - take a few steps - so you will correctly guess with the size that is right for you.

Convenient delivery and payment of women's sports ballet shoes.

You can order ballet shoes in our Kedoff store to the address of the nearest city or town like Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Lutsk, Ternopol, Odessa, Novograd Volynsky, Rivne (our stores), Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk.! You can make and place an order by calling the call center +380673802770, you can buy ballet shoes in bulk by phone +380504351300

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