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Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea описание
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Add to cart Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea
Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea купить Украина
Оригинальные Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea
Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea описание
Цены на Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea

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Model: Chelsea boots Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea Color: Dark Brown, Brown

Material of construction of the upper part of the shoe.

Natural nubuck
Completeness width of the foot: M
Sole: Lightweight micropore, Polyurethane, Rubber Country of origin: Ukraine
Lining: Мембрана Season: Spring, Demi-season, Summer, Autumn, Autumn - Spring
Membrane: Dri-Tex Appointment: For everyday use
Additionally: Please specify the size of your foot when make out your order instep: average
Insole: Genuine Leather, Sports, Removable Collection: 2021
Country of production: Turkey Original: 100%

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The Forester brand in Ukraine has spent a decade meeting the needs of both urban walkers and nature lovers. Along the way, fans were fascinated by the seemingly cool boots, shoes, sandals, trainers and other footwear that the brand offers,

We share our thoughts on the best Forester boots that outdoor fans love the most ...
When people close their eyes and imagine hiking boots, whether they know his name or not, they probably imagine Forester Sympax. We are proud to have created lightweight hiking boots that thousands of ordinary people have bought to explore places previously reserved for seasoned outdoor experts. The Forester brand invented the category of versatile outdoor urban footwear. These are still the most popular durable sneakers in the world, and we are delighted to continue to evolve the collection with new contemporary colors and fresh looks for our shoes for years to come. Lightweight and casual, our brand has become a top seller over the years for its ability to adapt to trends. An ultra-lightweight and durable construction, the Forester Sympatex is now in version 8 and is the perfect hiking shoe. 

Each type of footwear is designed for specific climatic conditions and life situations. But waterproofness and good breathability will provide some versatility to your shoes or boots. It is to achieve these goals that the Sympatex membrane serves, which ensures the tightness of the seams, maintaining the shape and operating parameters at the proper level. The Forester brand uses the Sympatex membrane in many of its collections.

Sympatex technology is in high demand among European footwear manufacturers and there are many reasons for this. The most popular shoe is Forester Sympatex 13774X-1FO.

Everyone knows that the human body maintains its optimal temperature regime through sweating. However, an excess of moisture absorbed into clothing, in addition to causing discomfort, can lead to such undesirable health effects as hypothermia. Therefore, the moisture secreted by the body should not linger in the immediate vicinity of the body, and it is the membranes that are designed to transport it through the shell. They contribute to the creation of comfortable conditions for the skin, protecting from excess moisture, including from atmospheric precipitation.
Membranes from Sympatex ® Technology are a high-tech product and completely eliminate the negative effects of moisture and wind, at the same time, providing good breathability. Unlike microporous membranes, which have tiny pores, the structure of Sympatex membranes does not have pores, which guarantees complete protection from moisture from the external environment.The so-called "intelligent" structure of the membrane is a combination of many hydrophilic molecules, which, through special physicochemical processes, contribute to the elimination of excessive moisture.
Sympatex membranes are very durable and work 100% for many years. The absence of pores means that functionality will not be affected in any way by the ingress of dirt, sand, salt crystals and detergents, as this is simply not possible.
The air permeability of Sympatex is 1.5 Ret, which is very high. The tests were carried out by the Hohenstein Institute.
Thus, the distinguishing features of the Sympatex system are: complete waterproofness and one hundred percent guarantee of wind protection (textile standard EN ISO 9237); high air exchange rates, confirmed by independent tests by the Hohenstein Research Institute; high quality raw materials and, as a result, good wear resistance; environmental friendliness (Öko-Tex standard certification 100); extraordinary lightness; high-tech structure that ensures membrane durability without loss of functionality; quality assurance; ease of care.

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Men's boots Forester Danner 28825-45 Chelsea

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